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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4683769  Dietrich, Fine; Zeller, Andreas; Allemann, Samuel; Arnet, Isabelle 2023 Development and acceptance of a new adherence monitoring package to identify non-adherent patients with polypharmacy in primary care: a feasibility study. BMJ Open quality
4658326  Tan, Michael; Allemann, Samuel S; Qin, Xiwen Simon; D'Souza, Wendyl J 2023 Adherence patterns in antiseizure medications (ASM) influencing risk of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP): a data linkage study using dispensed prescriptions. Epilepsia
4694217  Jeiziner, Chiara; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Hersberger, Kurt E; Allemann, Samuel S 2023 Pharmacogenetic testing and counselling in the community pharmacy: mixed-methods study of a new pharmacist-led service. International journal of clinical pharmacy
4698118  Bollinger, Anna; Stäuble, Céline K; Jeiziner, Chiara; Wiss, Florine M; Hersberger, Kurt E; Lampert, Markus L; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Allemann, Samuel S 2023 Genotyping of Patients with Adverse Drug Reaction or Therapy Failure: Database Analysis of a Pharmacogenetics Case Series Study. Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
4648841  Bandiera, Carole; Ribaut, Janette; Dima, Alexandra L.; Allemann, Samuel S.; Molesworth, Kate; Kalumiya, Kabeza; Käser, Fabian; Olson, Melvin Skip; Burnier, Michel; van Boven, Job F. M.; Szucs, Thomas; Albrecht, Daniel; Wilson, Ira; De Geest, Sabina; Schneider, Marie P. 2022 Swiss Priority Setting on Implementing Medication Adherence Interventions as Part of the European ENABLE COST Action International Journal of Public Health
4657529  Yous, Tamara; Spinatsch, Esther; Allemann, Samuel; Lutters, Monika 2022 Development of a Protocol Using the Delphi Method for the ad interim Supply of Hormonal Contraceptives in Swiss Pharmacies. Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)
4657519  Baumgartner, Pascal C; Vrijens, Bernard; Allemann, Samuel; Hersberger, Kurt E; Arnet, Isabelle 2022 Delta T, a useful indicator for pharmacy dispensing data to monitor medication adherence Pharmaceutics
4647348  Stäuble, Céline K.; Jeiziner, Chiara; Bollinger, Anna; Wiss, Florine M.; Hatzinger, Martin; Hersberger, Kurt E.; Ihde, Thomas; Lampert, Markus L.; Mikoteit, Thorsten; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.; Allemann, Samuel S. 2022 A Guide to a Pharmacist-Led Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counselling Service in an Interprofessional Healthcare Setting Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)
4656046  Wittwer, Nina L; Meier, Christoph R; Huber, Carola A; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Allemann, Samuel; Schneider, Cornelia 2022 Utilization of Drugs with Pharmacogenetic Dosing Recommendations in Switzerland: A Descriptive Study Using the Helsana Database. Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
4657527  Dima, Alexandra L; Allemann, Samuel S; Dunbar-Jacob, Jacqueline; Hughes, Dyfrig A; Vrijens, Bernard; Wilson, Ira B 2022 Methodological considerations on estimating medication adherence from self-report, electronic monitoring and electronic healthcare databases using the TEOS framework. British journal of clinical pharmacology
4651300  Rothen, Jean-Pierre; Rutishauser, Jonas; Arnet, Isabelle; Allemann, Samuel S 2022 Renal insufficiency and magnesium deficiency correlate with a decreased formation of biologically active cholecalciferol: a retrospective observational study. International journal of clinical pharmacy
4631783  Yous, Tamara; Allemann, Samuel; Lutters, Monika 2021 Physicians' Opinion Regarding Extended Access to Hormonal Contraception in Switzerland. Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)
4636129  Stäuble, Céline K; Lampert, Markus L; Allemann, Samuel; Hatzinger, Martin; Hersberger, Kurt E; Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Imboden, Christian; Mikoteit, Thorsten 2021 Pharmacist-guided pre-emptive pharmacogenetic testing in antidepressant therapy (PrePGx): study protocol for an open-label, randomized controlled trial. Trials
4631774  Dima, Alexandra L; Allemann, Samuel S; Dunbar-Jacob, Jacqueline; Hughes, Dyfrig A; Vrijens, Bernard; Wilson, Ira B 2021 TEOS: A framework for constructing operational definitions of medication adherence based on Timelines-Events-Objectives-Sources. British journal of clinical pharmacology
4631770  Martinez-De la Torre, Adrian; Weiler, Stefan; Bräm, Dominic Stefan; Allemann, Samuel S; Kupferschmidt, Hugo; Burden, Andrea M 2020 National Poison Center Calls Before vs After Availability of High-Dose Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Tablets in Switzerland. JAMA network open
4631768  Siqueira do Prado, Luiza; Allemann, Samuel; Viprey, Marie; Schott, Anne-Marie; Dediu, Dan; Dima, Alexandra L 2020 Quantification and visualisation methods of data-driven chronic care delivery pathways: protocol for a systematic review and content analysis. BMJ open
4631772  Yous, Tamara; Allemann, Samuel; Lutters, Monika 2020 Extended Access to Hormonal Contraception in Pharmacies: A Survey among Swiss Pharmacists. Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)
4631776  Dima, Alexandra; Allemann, Samuel; Dediu, Dan 2019 AdhereR: An Open Science Approach to Estimating Adherence to Medications Using Electronic Healthcare Databases. Studies in health technology and informatics
4631780  Rouzé, Héloïse; Viprey, Marie; Allemann, Samuel; Dima, Alexandra L; Caillet, Pascal; Denis, Angélique; Poupon-Bourdy, Stéphanie; Camara, Boubou; Llerena, Catherine; Reix, Philippe; Durieu, Isabelle; Reynaud, Quitterie; Touzet, Sandrine 2019 Adherence to long-term therapies in cystic fibrosis: a French cross-sectional study linking prescribing, dispensing, and hospitalization data. Patient preference and adherence
3885916  Arnet, Isabelle; Allemann, Samuel S.; Dürsteler, Kenneth M.; Strasser, Johannes; Vogel, Marc; Hersberger, Kurt E. 2017 Novel Medication Supply Model Guarantees Adequate Management and High Adherence to Polypharmacy in Older Opioid Users – Preliminary Results with Outpatients Journal of Aging Science
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