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Type Date Title Description ID
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-05-29 Access to health care. A right of vulnerable populations?  World Council of Churches, Week on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 4488750
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-11-28 Ethical aspects: The Property of human body parts and protection of personality. Mastering the legal and ethical challenges of present and future cell donation.  Workshop on Property of Human Body Parts and Protection of Personality 2767333
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-03-17 The Disruption of Personal Identity and Identity Integrity  Workshop Neurorights in Chile: The Philosophical Debate 4635671
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-03-11 Grenzen überwinden: Ethik in Medizin und Biowissenschaften.   Vortragsreihe Studium generale. Am Limit? Grenzen in den Wissenschaften heute 3401786
Invited presentations at conferences 2019-07-02 Le projet "vieillir en prison"  Tagung Wissenstransfer Forschung 4527068
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-11-12 Practical and ethical issues related to tuberculosis screening and treatment in prison  TB Ethics Guidance Expert Group Conference 3401821
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-05-02 Les directives de la Commission nationale d’éthique - le point de vue des parties intéressées.  Symposium « Les biobanques destinées à la recherche » 3693165
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-09-03 Faire le bien, oui mais comment ? Perspectives juridiques.   Symposium de la Société Suisse d’éthique biomédicale 3693168
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-11-03 Teaching bioethics, experiences from medical faculties in Basel, Geneva and Zurich and science faculties in Basel and Geneva.  Symposium Teaching Bioethics 3693175
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-02-12 Paternalismus in der Medizin: der Respekt vor der Patientenautonomie als ethische und rechtliche Herausforderung  Symposium Klinik Barmelweid 3693163
Memberships 2011-06-01 Elger, Bernice Simone  Switzerland - South Africa Science and Technology Research Cooperation Seed Money Joint Call for Project Proposals. NRF National Research Foundation and Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute 1026598
Memberships 2012-12-01 Elger, Bernice Simone  Swiss Network for International Studies 1548719
Memberships 2012-07-01 Elger, Bernice Simone  Swiss National Science Foundation 1558447
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-06-23 Patents on life? Ethical issues. Patents, licenses and other things  Swiss Academy of Science. Science and Policy 2767330
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-10-27 Data protection: ethical and legal issues of biobanking  State of the Art in Oncology Symposium 2011 - Ethical Considerations in Clinical Research 1023229
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-10-27 Approaches and attitudes of ethics committees to research protocols involving human biological material (biobanks)  State of the Art in Oncology Symposium 2011 1041583
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-11-28 Aligner les guides et la pratique médicale : revue de littérature des guidelines de soins palliatifs pédiatriques  Soin Palliatifs Pédiatrique - Point de Situation en Suisse 4184190
Memberships 2008-01-01 Elger, Bernice Simone  Société suisse de médecine interne (SSMI) 1023212
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-11-17 Ethics of remote image analysis based on big data  Sharing medical images for Big Data 4488756
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-09-02 Ethische Aspekte bei seltenen Krankheiten  Seltene Krankheiten 4641637
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 231)

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