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Invited presentations at conferences 2014-09-05 La collecte et le stockage de données et de matières biologiques et leur accès aux chercheurs (biobanques).  Bonnes Pratiques des Essais Cliniques, University of Geneva 2767331
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-02-19 Ownership, property rights and commercialization in relation to biobankin  Imperial College 2767319
Awards, honours and prizes 2018-09-12 Vontobel-Preis  4491390
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-10-09 „Paternalismus in der Medizin: Der Respekt vor der Patientenautonomie als ethische und rechtliche Herausforderung“  Interdisziplinäre Medizinrechtstagung: «Selbstbestimmung an der Schwelle zwischen Leben und Tod» 1023225
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2013-08-14 'Innovation in Health Care and the Life Sciences'; 27th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care   2362497
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2016-01-20 8. Europäische Konferenz zur Gesundheitsförderung in Haft „Gesundheit ist ein Menschenrecht- auch in Haft!“  3719920
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-01-18 ANQ Indikatoren im SNF Forschungsprojekt "Agequake in prisons"  ANQ Annual conference « Q-day » 4487680
Invited presentations at conferences 2018-05-29 Access to health care. A right of vulnerable populations?  World Council of Churches, Week on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 4488750
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-08-17 Access to health care?  25th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE 1023243
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-11-28 Aligner les guides et la pratique médicale : revue de littérature des guidelines de soins palliatifs pédiatriques  Soin Palliatifs Pédiatrique - Point de Situation en Suisse 4184190
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-10-12 Altering Personhood  Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society 1545942
Invited presentations at conferences 2019-11-20 An introduction to bioethics  11th Symposium Graduate School for Health Sciences 4527046
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-10-27 Approaches and attitudes of ethics committees to research protocols involving human biological material (biobanks)  State of the Art in Oncology Symposium 2011 1041583
Awards, honours and prizes 1997-01-01 Arditi Award in Ethics  4528093
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2020-11-12 Artificial Intelligence for Medicine – Trustworthy or Troubling? Virtual Pre-Workshop Meeting  4613726
Invited presentations at conferences 2012-11-26 Aspects critiques des bases éthiques relatives aux essais cliniques  Rencontre Suisse pour la formation de base pour les membres des commissions d’éthiques de la recherché 1558050
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-10-02 Attitudes and motives concerning end-of-life decisions: competency and autonomy of children and adolescents in pediatric oncology  Annual Conference of NRP 67 3401806
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-06-27 Autonomy and dignity  Eurcor: European Ethics Summer School 2356519
Awards, honours and prizes 1999-01-01 Award of the Medical Faculty, University of Geneva  4528094
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-10-10 Behandlung von Suchtkrankheiten bei Inhaftierten – der ethisch-rechtliche Rahmen  57. DHS Fachkonferenz SUCHT 4213949
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