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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4500367  Gutnik, Silvia; Walser, Jean-Claude; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene 2019 Long-read sequencing of benthophilinae mitochondrial genomes reveals the origins of round goby mitogenome re-arrangements MITOCHONDRIAL DNA PART B-RESOURCES
4500364  Somerville, Vincent; Schwaiger, Michaela; Hirsch, Philipp E.; Walser, Jean-Claude; Bussmann, Karen; Weyrich, Alexandra; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene 2019 DNA Methylation Patterns in the Round Goby Hypothalamus Support an On-The-Spot Decision Scenario for Territorial Behavior Genes
4524407  N'Guyen, Anouk; Hirsch, Philipp E.; Bozzuto, Claudio; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Hôrková, Kristína; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2018 A dynamical model for invasive round goby populations reveals efficient and effective management options Journal of Applied Ecology
4415064  Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Walser, Jean-Claude; Schwaiger, Michaela; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2018 RNA sequencing of early round goby embryos reveals that maternal experiences can shape the maternal RNA contribution in a wild vertebrate BMC Evolutionary Biology
4488945  Glaus, Kerstin B. J.; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Piovano, Susanna; Appleyard, Sharon A.; Brunnschweiler, Juerg M.; Rico, Ciro 2018 Fishing for profit or food? Socio-economic drivers and fishers` attitudes towards sharks in Fiji Marine Policy
4494120  Hirsch, Philipp Emanuel; N'Guyen, Anouk; Muller, Roxane; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2018 Colonizing islands of water on dry land - on the passive dispersal of fish eggs by birds Fish and fisheries
4524403  Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; N'Guyen, Anouk; Hirsch, Philipp E.; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2017 The invasive round goby may attach its eggs to ships or boats - but there is no evidence Aquatic Invasions
4249058  Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Svensson, Ola; Kutschera, Verena; Alm Rosenblad, Magnus; Pippel, Martin; Winkler, Sylke; Schloissnig, Siegfried; Blomberg, Anders; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2017 The mitochondrial genome sequences of the round goby and the sand goby reveal patterns of recent evolution in gobiid fish BMC Genomics
3693519  Adrian-Kalchhauser, I.; Hirsch, P. E.; Behrmann-Godel, J.; N'Guyen, A.; Watzlawczyk, S.; Gertzen, S.; Borcherding, J.; Burkhardt-Holm, P. 2016 The invasive bighead goby Ponticola kessleri displays large-scale genetic similarities and small-scale genetic differentiation in relation to shipping patterns Molecular Ecology
3343944  Hirsch, P. E.; N'Guyen, A.; Adrian-Kalchhauser, I.; Burkhardt-Holm, P. 2016 What do we really know about the impacts of one of the 100 worst invaders in Europe? A reality check Ambio
3343938  N'Guyen, Anouk; Hirsch, Philipp; Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2016 Improving invasive species management by integrating priorities and contributions of scientists and decision makers Ambio
3389596  Hirsch, P. E.; Adrian-Kalchhauser, I.; Flämig, S.; N'Guyen, A.; Defila, R.; Di Giulio, A.; Burkhardt-Holm, P. 2016 A tough egg to crack: recreational boats as vectors for invasive goby eggs and transdisciplinary management approaches Ecology and Evolution
3707602  Adrian-Kalchhauser, Irene; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2016 An eDNA Assay to Monitor a Globally Invasive Fish Species from Flowing Freshwater PLoS ONE
2832050  Kalchhauser, Irene; Kutschera, Verena E.; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2016 The complete mitochondrial genome of the invasive Ponto-Caspian goby Ponticola kessleri obtained from high-throughput sequencing using the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine Mitochondrial DNA
3344062  Glaus, K. B. J.; Adrian-Kalchhauser, I.; Burkhardt-Holm, P.; White, W. T.; Brunnschweiler, J. M. 2015 Characteristics of the shark fisheries of Fiji Scientific Reports
2832182  Holm, P.; Kalchhauser, I.; Hirsch, P. 2014 Schwarzmundgrundel & Co. : Fremde Fische in Flüssen und Seen Biologie in unserer Zeit
1521682  Kalchhauser, I.; Mutzner, P.; Hirsch Ph. E.; Burkhardt-Holm, P. 2013 Arrival of round goby Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas, 1814) and bighead goby Ponticola kessleri (Günther, 1861) in the High Rhine (Switzerland) BioInvasions Records
4488942  Kalchhauser, Irene; Farley, Brian M.; Pauli, Sandra; Ryder, Sean P.; Ciosk, Rafal 2011 FBF represses the Cip/Kip cell-cycle inhibitor CKI-2 to promote self-renewal of germline stem cells in C. elegans The EMBO Journal
4488941  Biedermann, Bjoern; Wright, Jane; Senften, Mathias; Kalchhauser, Irene; Sarathy, Gautham; Lee, Min-Ho; Ciosk, Rafal 2009 Translational repression of cyclin E prevents precocious mitosis and embryonic gene activation during C. elegans meiosis Developmental Cell
4488940  Chen, Doris; Ahlford, Annika; Schnorrer, Frank; Kalchhauser, Irene; Fellner, Michaela; Viràgh, Erika; Kiss, Istvàn; Syvänen, Ann-Christine; Dickson, Barry J. 2008 High-resolution, high-throughput SNP mapping in Drosophila melanogaster Nature Methods
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