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Die zivil-militärische Beziehung der Schweiz zwischen 1983-2008
Project funded by own resources
Project title Die zivil-militärische Beziehung der Schweiz zwischen 1983-2008
Principal Investigator(s) Bergman, Manfred Max
Würmli, Silvia
Organisation / Research unit Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Sozialforschung und Methodologie (Bergman)
Project start 01.10.2006
Probable end 31.12.2012
Status Completed

This research project examines civil-military relations in Switzerland between 1983 and 2008.

Civil-military relations can be described under three aspects: a) the deployment purposes of the armed forces, b) defense structure and democratic control and c) the people’s attitude towards the military. Most military sociologist believe that civil-military relations in European countries have changed fundamentally following a general set of trends as the introduction of an all-volunteer force and the increased participation in missions abroad (PSO). Upon first glance, this trend does not seem to apply to Switzerland: Neither are PSO given high priority within the official assignments of the Swiss army, nor has conscription been abolished. Therefore this thesis focuses on the public opinion towards the military. Using representative public opinion polls from 1983-1995-1998-2005-2008 it will be analyzed, whether public opinion has changed – as many postulate – or have remained stable – as a few other suppose.

Keywords public opinion, military sociology
Financed by Other funds

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