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Type Date Title Description ID
Invited presentations at conferences 2023-01-30 Pragmatics of fiction: applications in the classroom  Colloquium 4661834
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-12-16 Pseudo-live comments on K-Drama videos: Fan engagement with the cultural other  Linguistics Colloquium 4653021
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-12-09 Engaging with the cultural other: Fan translations of Korean TV drama on Viki from a pragmatic perspective  Jornada sobre la pragmātica de la traducciķ des de la perspectiva del catalā 4653016
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-11-16 Learning about Korea(n) by engaging with K-drama: Fan translations and timed comments on Viki  Korean program, invited lecture 4653017
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-07-14 "what does hyung mean please?”: Moments of teaching and learning about Korean (im)politeness on an online streaming  platform of Korean TV drama   Sociolinguistics Symposium 4653018
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-05-04 Pragmatics and CMC: Discussing relational work of fictional characters online  Lecture series 4653015
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-04-11 MA in Digital Humanities - Reflections on the challenges of developing a new study program  Staff Colloquium 4653014
Invited presentations at conferences 2022-03-23 MA in Digital Humanities – from digital native to skilled expert? Reflections on the challenges of developing a new study program  Staff Colloquium 4653013
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2022-01-08 Visiting Professor KU  4627868
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-07-06 Discussing relational work of fictional characters online  Linguistischen Kolloquium (LingKoll) 4627871
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-06-27 Plenary: “Were they not formal before?”: The Pragmatics of fiction in translated relational work scenes of Korean TV drama and its uptake in timed comments  IPrA - International Pragmatics Association Meeting 4627870
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2021-06-24 Pragmatics of Translation   4627869
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-03-24 Relational work negotiations in fiction and their uptake: Communal viewing of K(orean)-Drama on a streaming platform  Linguistics Research Seminar Series 4627872
Invited presentations at conferences 2021-02-01 Input and discussion on pragmatics  Round table Swiss Pragmatics: past, present, future 4627873
Memberships 2021-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Cambridge University Press, Elements in Pragmatics 4647586
Invited presentations at conferences 2020-09-21 Politeness and relational work in fiction, a linguistic approach  Themenwoche 4604903
Invited presentations at conferences 2020-04-25 Interpersonal pragmatics in fiction: Approaching politeness from a lay translation perspective in K-drama  DISCOG (plenary invitation) 4604900
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2020-01-10 Subtitling in Action: Pragmatic Processes of Intersemiotic Translation   4517416
Memberships 2020-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Journal of Pragmatics 4647585
Memberships 2020-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Korean Journal of Medical Education 4627877
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 90)

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