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Type Date Title Description ID
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-04-06 Scientific qualitative research: Justifications and quality criteria  Qualitative Social Science Research 255401
Memberships 2010-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Conseil Scientifique de l'Instance Nationale d'Evaluation (INE) of th Conseil Supérieur de l'Enseignement 255402
Memberships 2009-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Journal of Mixed Methods 293473
Memberships 2006-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Swiss Journal of Sociology 293474
Memberships 1999-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Sage, Routledge, Polity and Elsevier/Academic Press 293476
Memberships 2009-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Executive Committee of the Centre of Competence on Africa, University of Basle 293480
Memberships 2008-06-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Winter School in Social Science Research Methodology Winter School, South Africa 293481
Memberships 2005-07-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Regency of the University of Basel 293482
Memberships 2009-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Educational Aid for the Children of Southern Africa (EACHSA) Charity Trust, UK 293485
Memberships 2007-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Advisory Committee for the International Sustainability Conference, University of Basel 293486
Memberships 2007-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Managing Board of the Swiss Sociological Association 293487
Memberships 2007-01-01 Bergman, Manfred Max  Board of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) 293488
Memberships 2002-02-10 Bergman, Manfred Max  Steering Committee of the Swiss Gender Health Network 293490
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2011-06-27 Social Sciences Research Methodology Winter School  511632
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2011-01-31 IPSA 2nd annual Summer School: Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Science  524770
Mobility: Visiting scientist at ... 2011-02-14 Osnabrücker Methodenschule  524771
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-07-14 Developing educational competence in the context of South Africa  Research Indaba Programme 768429
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-08-30 The good, the bad, and the ugly in mixed methods research  Methods Festival 770777
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-09-05 Dead ends, inconsistencies, and superficialities in mixed methods research  Smiseny design v pedagogickem vyzkumu 770780
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-09-23 Mixed Methodology Should Not Be Mixed Up: Applying mixed methodology in Educational Research  Integrative Strategies in Medical Education 811821
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 27)

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