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Awards, honours and prizes 2019-11-22 AlumniGeowissenschaften Preis 2019 - herausragende Masterarbeit  4525954
Awards, honours and prizes 2019-08-27 Förderpreis der Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft der Schweiz 2019  4525947
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-09-21 Sediment source attribution from the soil to the river with CSIA of long-chain fatty acids   Soil Organic Matter 3395036
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-06-16 Source Sediment Tracking from Soils to Oceans: Linking Biogeochemical Concepts of Isotope Geochemistry with Geophysical Data  Gordon Conference on Catchment Science 3395026
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-04-16 Soil Erosion as Triggered by Land Management  Soil - An Essential Resource; International Expert Group on Earth System Preservation (IESP) 3395027
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2015-02-05 BGS-Tagung 2015: Nutzung und Schutz der Böden im „Anthropozän“   3395025
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-05-23 Neue analytische Methoden als Indikator für die Degradierung von Mooren  Wiedervernässung von Mooren - Chancen für den Klimaschutz 2836719
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-05-02 Suitability of 239+240Pu and 137Cs as tracers for soil erosion assessment in Swiss mountain grasslands  European Geosciences, Union, General Assemby 2826177
Invited presentations at conferences 2014-04-28 Sediment source detection by stable isotope analysis and CSSI in a small river of the Swiss Plateau  European Geosciences, Union, General Assemby 2826175
Invited presentations at conferences 2013-06-19 Forth Days Discussion Leader "Tools You Can Use: Novel analytical techniques and conceptual approaches for catchment research"  Gordon Conference Hydrobiogeochemistry of Catchment Science 2289607
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-04-16 IGBP Poster Award at the Swiss Global Change Day 2013 in Bern, Switzerland  2358865
Awards, honours and prizes 2013-02-08 Poster Award (3rd price) at the Swiss Soil Science Meeting 2013 in Zürich, Switzerland  2358863
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2012-09-13 Second Workshop on Soil Erosion in the Alps  1479547
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-08-15 From seconds to millennia: weathering and erosion of the highly dynamic soils of Alpine areas  Goldschmidt Conference 983696
Invited presentations at conferences 2011-02-10 Kohlenstoffisotopie des Bodens als Indikator für Umweltwandel  Jahrestagung der Schweizerischen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft 983725
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-05-06 Stable carbon isotopes as indicators for micro-geomorphic changes in palsa peats  Annual Meeting of the European Geosciences Union 410529
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2010-05-05 Stability and function of Mountain Soils  410530
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-05-03 Stable isotopes in soils as indicators of soil degradation  Annual Meeting of the European Geosciences Union 410528
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-04-09 Stable Isotopes as Indicator of Soil Degradation  International Workshop on "Application of Isotope Tracers to Biogeochemical Study of Soil Erosion and Carbon Export in Mountain Ecosystems" 410522
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-02-11 The mystery of purification capacity in constructed wetlands: Zeolites may contain an answer   Annual Meeting Soil Science Society Switzerland 410521
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