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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4637772  Kosch, Mirjam; Betz, Regina; Geissmann, Thomas; Schillinger, Moritz; Weigt, Hannes 2021 The future of Swiss hydropower: how to distribute the risk and the profits? Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
4612840  Darudi, Ali; Weigt, Hannes 2020 Incumbent's Bane or Gain? Renewable Support and Strategic Behavior in Electricity Markets The energy journal
4605884  Schillinger, Moritz; Weigt, Hannes; Hirsch, Philipp Emanuel 2020 Environmental flows or economic woes-Hydropower under global energy market changes PLoS ONE
4523963  Abrell, Jan; Eser, Patrick; Garrison, Jared B.; Savelsberg, Jonas; Weigt, Hannes 2019 Integrating economic and engineering models for future electricity market evaluation: A Swiss case study Energy Strategy Reviews
4493266  Savelsberg, Jonas; Schillinger, Moritz; Schlecht, Ingmar; Weigt, Hannes 2018 The Impact of Climate Change on Swiss Hydropower Sustainability
4493229  Bondarev, Anton; Weigt, Hannes 2018 Sensitivity of energy system investments to policy regulation changes: too many, too fast? Energy policy
4493264  Anghileri, Daniela; Botter, M.; Castelletti, A.; Weigt, Hannes; Burlando, P. 2018 A Comparative Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change and Energy Policies on Alpine Hydropower Water Resources Research
3703437  Hirsch, Philipp Emanuel; Schillinger, Moritz; Appoloni, Katharina; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia; Weigt, Hannes 2016 Integrating Economic and Ecological Benchmarking for a Sustainable Development of Hydropower Sustainability
3719019  Abrell, Jan; Weigt, Hannes 2016 The Short and Long Term Impact of Europe’s Natural Gas Market on Electricity Markets until 2050 The energy journal
3346344  Krysiak, Frank C.; Weigt, Hannes 2015 The Demand Side in Economic Models of Energy Markets: The Challenge of Representing Consumer Behavior Frontiers in Energy Research
3346348  Schmidt, Stephan; Weigt, Hannes 2015 Interdisciplinary energy research and energy consumption: What, why, and how? Energy Research & Social Science
3346346  Schlecht, Ingmar; Weigt, Hannes 2015 Linking Europe - The Role of the Swiss Electricity Transmission Grid until 2050 Swiss journal of economics and statistics (SJES)
3346338  Neumann, Anne; Rosellon, Juan; Weigt, Hannes 2015 Removing Cross-Border Capacity Bottlenecks in the European Natural Gas Market - A Proposed Merchant-Regulatory Mechanism Networks and Spatial Economics
2819213  Kunz, Friedrich; Weigt, Hannes 2014 Germany’s nuclear phase out: a survey of the impact since 2011 and outlook to 2023 Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy
2814596  Hirsch, Philipp; Schillinger, Sebastian; Weigt, Hannes; Burkhardt-Holm, Patricia 2014 A Hydro-Economic Model for Water Level Fluctuations : Combining Limnology with Economics for Sustainable Development of Hydropower PLoS ONE
2311549  Neuhoff, Karsten; Barquin, Julian; Bialek, Janusz W.; Boyd, Rodney; Dent, Chris J.; Echavarren, Francisco; Grau, Thilo; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Hobbs, Benjamin F.; Kunz, Friedrich; Nabe, Christian; Papaefthymiou, Georgios; Weber, Christoph; Weigt, Hannes 2013 Renewable electric energy integration : Quantifying the value of design of markets for international transmission capacity Energy Economics
2311551  Weigt, Hannes; Ellerman, Denny; Delarue, Erik 2013 CO2 abatement from renewables in the German electricity sector: Does a CO2 price help? Energy economics
1408504  Abrell, Jan; Weigt, Hannes 2012 Combining Energy Networks Networks and spatial economics
1408507  Rosellon, Juan; Vogelsang, Ingo; Weigt, Hannes 2012 Long-run Cost Functions for Electricity Transmission The energy journal
1408505  Leuthold, Florian U.; Weigt, Hannes; von Hirschhausen, Christian 2012 A Large-Scale Spatial Optimization Model of the European Electricity Market Networks and spatial economics
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 45)

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