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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4651637  Ibrahim, M.; Muhummed, A.; Melaku, H.; Mohammed, S.; Zinsstag, J.; Tschopp, R. 2022 Perception of Somali pastoralists in Adadle woreda, Eastern Ethiopia, towards wildlife at the human-animal interface, conservation and wildlife population change African journal of ecology
4646068  Tschopp, R.; Gebregiorgis, A.; Tassachew, Y.; Andualem, H.; Osman, M.; Waqjira, M. W.; Hattendorf, J.; Mohammed, A.; Hamid, M.; Molla, W.; Mitiku, S. A.; Walke, H.; Negron, M.; Kadzik, M.; Mamo, G. 2021 Integrated human-animal sero-surveillance of Brucellosis in the pastoral Afar and Somali regions of Ethiopia PLoS Negl Trop Dis
4646082  Taye, H.; Alemu, K.; Mihret, A.; Ayalew, S.; Hailu, E.; Wood, J. L. N.; Shkedy, Z.; Berg, S.; Aseffa, A.; Ethicobots Consortium, 2021 Epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages and strain clustering within urban and peri-urban settings in Ethiopia PLoS One
4646396  Getnet, F.; Demissie, M.; Worku, A.; Gobena, T.; Tschopp, R.; Farah, A. M.; Seyoum, B. 2021 Challenges in delivery of tuberculosis services in Ethiopian pastoralist settings: clues for reforming service models and organizational structures BMC Health Serv Res
4646069  Tschopp, R.; Conlan, A. J. K.; Gemechu, G.; Almaw, G.; Hattendorf, J.; Zinsstag, J.; Ethicobots Consortium,; Wood, J. L. N. 2021 Effect of bovine tuberculosis on selected productivity parameters and trading in dairy cattle kept under intensive husbandry in Central Ethiopia Front Vet Sci
4646067  Tschopp, R.; Gemechu, G.; Wood, J. L. N.; Ethicobots Consortium, 2021 A longitudinal study of cattle productivity in intensive dairy farms in central Ethiopia Front Vet Sci
4646357  Ibrahim, M.; Schelling, E.; Zinsstag, J.; Hattendorf, J.; Andargie, E.; Tschopp, R. 2021 Sero-prevalence of brucellosis, Q-fever and Rift Valley fever in humans and livestock in Somali Region, Ethiopia PLoS Negl Trop Dis
4646203  Nyasulu, P. S.; Weyer, J.; Tschopp, R.; Mihret, A.; Aseffa, A.; Nuvor, S. V.; Tamuzi, J. L.; Nyakarahuka, L.; Helegbe, G. K.; Ntinginya, N. E.; Gebreyesus, M. T.; Doumbia, S.; Busse, R.; Drosten, C. 2021 Rabies mortality and morbidity associated with animal bites in Africa: a case for integrated rabies disease surveillance, prevention and control: a scoping review BMJ Open
4646461  Crump, L.; Maidane, Y.; Mauti, S.; Tschopp, R.; Ali, S. M.; Abtidon, R.; Bourhy, H.; Keita, Z.; Doumbia, S.; Traore, A.; Bonfoh, B.; Tetchi, M.; Tiembré, I.; Kallo, V.; Paithankar, V.; Zinsstag, J. 2021 From reverse innovation to global innovation in animal health: a review Heliyon
4646258  Mekonnen, G. A.; Conlan, A. J. K.; Berg, S.; Ayele, B. T.; Mihret, A.; Olani, A.; Asgedom, H.; Ethicobots Consortium,; Wood, J. L. N.; Ameni, G. 2021 Dynamics and risk of transmission of bovine tuberculosis in the emerging dairy regions of Ethiopia Epidemiol Infect
4646190  Osman, Y.; Ali, S. M.; Schelling, E.; Tschopp, R.; Hattendorf, J.; Muhumed, A.; Zinsstag, J. 2021 Integrated community based human and animal syndromic surveillance in Adadle district of the Somali region of Ethiopia One Health
4652597  Wild, H.; Mendonsa, E.; Trautwein, M.; Edwards, J.; Jowell, A.; GebreGiorgis Kidanu, A.; Tschopp, R.; Barry, M. 2020 Health interventions among mobile pastoralists: a systematic review to guide health service design Tropical medicine and international health
4529735  Osman, Kadra A.; Zinsstag, Jakob; Tschopp, Rea; Schelling, Esther; Hattendorf, Jan; Umer, Abdurezak; Ali, Seid; Cercamondi, Colin I. 2020 Nutritional status and intestinal parasites among young children from pastoralist communities of the Ethiopian Somali region Maternal and child nutrition
4599421  Getnet, F.; Demissie, M.; Worku, A.; Gobena, T.; Tschopp, R.; Seyoum, B. 2020 Longer delays in diagnosis and treatment ofpulmonary tuberculosis in pastoralist setting, Eastern Ethiopia Risk Management and Healthcare Policy
4652504  Hassell, J. M.; Zimmerman, D.; Fèvre, E. M.; Zinsstag, J.; Bukachi, S.; Barry, M.; Muturi, M.; Bett, B.; Jensen, N.; Ali, S.; Maples, S.; Rushton, J.; Tschopp, R.; Madaine, Y. O.; Abtidon, R. A.; Wild, H. 2020 Africa's nomadic pastoralists and their animals are an invisible frontier in pandemic surveillance Am J Trop Med Hyg
4596429  Umer, A.; Zinsstag, J.; Schelling, E.; Tschopp, R.; Hattendof, J.; Osman, K.; Yuya, M.; Ame, A.; Zemp, E. 2020 Antenatal care and skilled delivery service utilisation in Somali pastoral communities of Eastern Ethiopia Tropical medicine and international health : TM & IH
4516933  GebreMichael, S. A.; Gemete, G.; Mihret, A.; Waelti, P.; Tschopp, R. 2019 Socio-economic aspects related to feeding resources and practices in selected intensive dairy farms in Central Ethiopia African Journal of Agricultural Research
4516942  Tschopp, R.; Schneider, J. 2019 Clinical case report of oesophagostomiasis in captive Hamadryas Baboon (Papio Hamadryas) in Ethiopia Ethiop Vet J
4516941  Tschopp, R.; Wassie, L. 2019 Important role of non tuberculous mycobacteria in non-human primate TB testing in Ethiopia Ethiop Vet J
4514403  Getnet, Fentabil; Demissie, Meaza; Worku, Alemayehu; Gobena, Tesfaye; Seyoum, Berhanu; Tschopp, Rea; Andersen, Christopher T. 2019 Determinants of patient delay in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in somali pastoralist setting of Ethiopia : a matched case-control study International journal of environmental research and public health
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 60)

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