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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4652996  Tschopp, R. 2020 Tuberculose bovine à l'interface homme-bétail-faune sauvage en Afrique subsaharienne Éditions Quae
4662807  Pelikan, K.; Abdikadir, M. I.; Tschopp, R.; Zinsstag, J. 2022 Transdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit impliziert Mehrsprachigkeit. Das Beispiel der Jigjiga University One Health Initiative Peter Lang
2117850  Bonfoh, B.; Schwabenbauer, K.; Wallinga, D.; Hartung, J.; Schelling, E.; Zinsstag, J.; Meslin, F. -X.; Tschopp, R.; Ayayi Akakpo, J.; Tanner, M. 2010 Human health hazards associated with livestock production Island Press
4694071  Zinsstag, J.; Pelikan, K.; Berger Gonzalez, M.; Kaiser-Grolimund, A.; Crump, L.; Mauti, S.; Heitz-Tokpa, K.; Bonfoh, B.; Ali, S. M.; Abtidon, R.; Tschopp, R. 2023 Value-added transdisciplinary One Health research and problem solving Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
2106457  Zinsstag, J.; Tschopp, R.; Schelling, E. 2010 L' interface faune sauvage - élevage - homme de la tuberculose bovine en Afrique De Boeck
2996924  Tschopp, R. 2015 Bovine tuberculosis at the human-livestock-wildlife interface in sub-Saharan Africa CABI
4652997  Tschopp, R. 2021 Bovine tuberculosis at the human-livestock-wildlife interface in sub-Saharan Africa CABI

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4694716  Abdikadir, M. I.; Tschopp, R.; Ali, S. M.; Zinsstag, J.; Pelikan, K. 2023 Efficiency in transdisciplinary cooperation: the example of the Jigjiga One Health Initiative trans-kom
4596429  Umer, A.; Zinsstag, J.; Schelling, E.; Tschopp, R.; Hattendof, J.; Osman, K.; Yuya, M.; Ame, A.; Zemp, E. 2020 Antenatal care and skilled delivery service utilisation in Somali pastoral communities of Eastern Ethiopia Tropical medicine and international health : TM & IH
4652597  Wild, H.; Mendonsa, E.; Trautwein, M.; Edwards, J.; Jowell, A.; GebreGiorgis Kidanu, A.; Tschopp, R.; Barry, M. 2020 Health interventions among mobile pastoralists: a systematic review to guide health service design Tropical medicine and international health
4599421  Getnet, F.; Demissie, M.; Worku, A.; Gobena, T.; Tschopp, R.; Seyoum, B. 2020 Longer delays in diagnosis and treatment ofpulmonary tuberculosis in pastoralist setting, Eastern Ethiopia Risk Management and Healthcare Policy
3747125  Zinsstag, J.; Abakar, M. F.; Ibrahim, M.; Tschopp, R.; Crump, L.; Bonfoh, B.; SChelling, E. 2016 Cost-effective control strategies for animal and zoonotic diseases in pastoralist populations Revue scientifique et technique
4495170  Mbilo, C.; Léchenne, M.; Mauti, S.; Chitnis, N.; Tschopp, R.; Zinsstag, J. 2019 Rabies in dogs, livestock and wildlife : a veterinary perspective Revue scientifique et technique
4508700  Mekonnen, Getnet Abie; Conlan, Andrew J. K.; Berg, Stefan; Ayele, Birhanu Teshome; Alemu, Alemseged; Guta, Sintayehu; Lakew, Mateios; Tadesse, Biniam; Gebre, Solomon; Wood, James L. N.; Ameni, Gobena; Ethicobots consortium, 2019 Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and its associated risk factors in the emerging dairy belts of regional cities in Ethiopia Preventive veterinary medicine
3122648  Tschopp, Rea; Bekele, Shiferaw; Moti, Tesfaye; Young, Douglas; Aseffa, Abraham 2015 Brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis prevalence in livestock from pastoralist communities adjacent to Awash National Park, Ethiopia Preventive veterinary medicine
4651884  Tschopp, R.; Gebregiorgis, A.; Abdulkadir, O.; Molla, W.; Hamid, M.; Tassachew, Y.; Andualem, H.; Osman, M.; Waqjira, M. W.; Mohammed, A.; Negron, M.; Walke, H.; Kadzik, M.; Mamo, G. 2022 Risk factors for brucellosis and knowledge-attitude practice among pastoralists in Afar and Somali regions of Ethiopia Prev Vet Med
4651885  Tschopp, R.; Zinsstag, J.; Conlan, A.; Gemechu, G.; Wood, J.; Ethicobots consortium, 2022 Productivity loss and cost of bovine tuberculosis for the dairy livestock sector in Ethiopia Prev Vet Med
3472524  Tschopp, Rea; Bekele, Shiferaw; Aseffa, Abraham 2016 Dog demography, animal bite management and rabies knowledge-attitude and practices in the Awash Basin, Eastern Ethiopia PLoS neglected tropical diseases
4646082  Taye, H.; Alemu, K.; Mihret, A.; Ayalew, S.; Hailu, E.; Wood, J. L. N.; Shkedy, Z.; Berg, S.; Aseffa, A.; Ethicobots Consortium, 2021 Epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages and strain clustering within urban and peri-urban settings in Ethiopia PLoS One
4652607  Ashagre, W.; Atnafu, A.; Wassie, L.; Tschopp, R.; Fentahun, D.; Assefa, G.; Wegayehu, T.; Wondale, B.; Mulu, A.; Miheret, A.; Bobosha, K. 2022 Evaluation of the diagnostic performance of PanbioTM Abbott SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test for the detection of COVID-19 from suspects attending ALERT center PLoS One
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 60)

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