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JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3401838  Shaw, David M.; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice S. 2014 Conducting ethics research in prison: why, who, and what? Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4524053  Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice 2019 Medical and ethical dilemmas: Older Prisoners International Committee of the Red Cross

Publication: Thesis (Dissertationen, Habilitationen)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4494231  Wangmo, Tenzin 2018 Medical Ethics University of Basel
Showing records 141 - 143 (of 143)

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