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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3342094  Wangmo, Tenzin; Handtke, Violet; Bretschneider, Wiebke; Elger, Bernice Simone 2017 Prisons should mirror society: the debate on age-segregated housing for older prisoners Ageing & Society
2701501  Wangmo, Tenzin; Handtke, Violet; Elger, Bernice Simone 2014 Disclosure of past crimes : an analysis of mental health professionals’ attitudes toward breaching confidentiality Journal of bioethical inquiry
4320348  Wangmo, Tenzin; Hauri, Sirin; Gennet, Eloise; Anane-Sarpong, Evelyn; Provoost, Veerle; Elger, Bernice 2018 An update on the “empirical turn” in bioethics: analysis of empirical research in nine bioethics journals BMC medical ethics
3661783  Wangmo, Tenzin; Hauri, Sirin; Meyer, Andrea H.; Elger, Bernice S. 2016 Patterns of older and younger prisoners' primary healthcare utilization in Switzerland International Journal of Prisoner Health
4523819  Wangmo, Tenzin; Lipps, Mirjam; Kressig, Reto W.; Ienca, Marcello 2019 Ethical concerns with the use of intelligent assistive technology: findings from a qualitative study with professional stakeholders BMC Medical Ethics
2995848  Wangmo, Tenzin; Meyer, Andrea H.; Handtke, Violet; Bretschneider, Wiebke; Page, Julie; Sommer, Jens; Stuckelberger, Astrid; Aebi, Marcelo F.; Elger, Bernice S. 2016 Aging Prisoners in Switzerland: An analysis of Their Health Care Utilization Journal of Aging and Health
2581065  Wangmo, Tenzin; Meyer, Andrea; Bretschneider, Wiebke; Handtke, Violet; Kressig, Reto W.; Gravier, Bruno; Bula, Christoph; Elger, Bernice S. 2015 Ageing prisoners’ disease burden : Is being old a better predictor than time served in prison? Gerontology
4091370  Wangmo, Tenzin; Nordström, Karin; Kressig, Reto W. 2017 Preventing elder abuse and neglect in geriatric institutions: Solutions from nursing care providers Geriatric Nursing
4511106  Wangmo, Tenzin; Padrutt, Yvonne; Koné, Insa; Gächter, Thomas; Elger, Bernice S.; Leu, Agnes 2019 Practicality of Acute and Transitional Care and its consequences in the era of SwissDRG: a focus group study BMC Health Services Research
4133826  Wangmo, Tenzin; Provoost, Veerle 2017 The use of empirical research in bioethics: a survey of researchers in twelve European countries BMC medical ethics
3669344  Wangmo, Tenzin; Ruhe, Katharina M.; Badarau, Domnita O.; Kühne, Thomas; Niggli, Felix; Elger, Bernice S.; Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group, 2016 Parents' and patients' experiences with paediatric oncology care in Switzerland--satisfaction and some hurdles Swiss medical weekly
2701505  Wangmo, Tenzin; Ruiz, Geraldine; Sinclair, Jessica; Mangin, Patrice; Elger, Bernice Simone 2014 The investigations of deaths in custody : an analysis of problems and prospects Journal of forensic and legal medicine
4627459  Wangmo, Tenzin; Seaward, Helene; Pageau, Felix; Hiersemenzel, Lutz-Peter; Elger, Bernice S 2021 Forensic-Psychiatric Risk Evaluations: Perspectives of Forensic Psychiatric Experts and Older Incarcerated Persons From Switzerland. Frontiers in psychiatry
1011870  Wangmo, Tenzin; Teaster, Pamela 2010 The Bridge from Then to Now: Tibetan Elders Living in Diaspora Journal of Applied Gerontology
2270452  Wangmo, Tenzin; Teaster, Pamela B; Grace, James; Wong, Wilson; Mendiondo, Marta S; Blandford, Caitlin; Fisher, Steve; Fardo, David W 2014 An ecological systems examination of elder abuse : a week in the life of adult protective services Journal of elder abuse & neglect
1011880  Webb, Alicia; Wangmo, Tenzin; Ewen, Heidi H.; Teaster, Pamela; Hatch, Laurie R. 2009 Peer and Faculty Mentoring for Students Pursuing a PHD in Gerontology Educational Gerontology
4211276  Womehoma Princewill, Chitu; Jegede, Ayodele Samuel; Wangmo, Tenzin; Riecher-Rössler, Anita; Elger, Bernice Simone 2017 Autonomy and Reproductive Rights of Married Ikwerre Women in Rivers State, Nigeria Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
4511109  Zimmermann, Bettina M.; Koné, Insa; Rost, Michael; Leu, Agnes; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice S. 2019 Factors associated with post-acute discharge location after hospital stay: a cross-sectional study from a Swiss hospital BMC Health Services Research

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4698148  Felber, Nadine Andrea; Tian, Yi Jiao (Angelina); Pageau, Felix; Elger, Bernice Simone; Wangmo, Tenzin 2023 Mapping ethical issues in the use of smart home health technologies to care for older persons: a systematic review BMC MEDICAL ETHICS
4606943  Merkt, Helene; Haesen, Sophie; Meyer, Leila; Kressig, Reto W.; Elger, Bernice S.; Wangmo, Tenzin 2020 Defining an age cut-off for older offenders: a systematic review of literature International Journal of Prisoner Health
Showing records 121 - 140 (of 143)

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