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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4506919  Hintermann, Beat; Gronwald, Marc 2019 Linking with uncertainty: The relationship between EU ETS pollution permits and Kyoto offsets Environmental and Resource Economics
1530544  Gans, Will; Hintermann, Beat 2013 Market Effects of Voluntary Climate Action by Firms: Evidence from the Chicago Climate Exchange Environmental and Resource Economics
2736429  Brown, Molly E.; Hintermann, Beat; Higgins, Nathaniel 2009 Markets, Climate Change, and Food Security in West Africa Environmental Science and Technology
1530547  Hintermann, Beat 2012 Pricing emission permits in the absence of abatement Energy Economics
4626114  Hintermann, Beat; Zarković, Maja 2021 A carbon horse race: Abatement subsidies vs. permit trading in Switzerland Climate Policy
413778  Hintermann, Beat; Alberini, Anna; Markandya, Anil 2010 Estimating the value of safety with labour market data: Are the results trustworthy? Applied economics

Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4266111  Götschi, Thomas; Hintermann, Beat 2013 Valuation of public investment to support bicycling (FV-09) WWZ, University of Basel
4626472  Hintermann, Beat; Schoeman, Beaumont; Molloy, Joseph; Götschi, Thomas; Castro, Alberto; Tchervenkov, Christopher; Tomic, Uros; Axhausen, Kay W. 2021 Pigovian Transport Pricing in Practice WWZ
4598067  Hintermann, Beat; Zarkovic, Maja 2020 A carbon horse race: Abatement subsidies vs. permit trading in Switzerland WWZ
4607187  Di Maria, Corrado; Zarkovic, Maja; Hintermann, Beat 2020 Are Emissions Trading Schemes Cost-effective? WWZ
4648466  Hintermann, Beat; Thommen, Christoph 2022 Price versus Commitment: Managing the Demand for Off-peak Train Tickets in a Field Experiment WWZ
4500521  Hintermann, Beat; Armbruster, Stephanie 2019 Decentralization with porous borders: Public production in a federation with tax competition and spillovers WWZ
4496265  Kuhlmey, Florian; Hintermann, Beat 2018 The Welfare Costs of Tiebout Sorting with True Public Goods WWZ
4650107  Hintermann, Beat; Ludwig, Markus 2022 Home Country Bias in International Emissions Trading: Evidence From the EU ETS WWZ
4607186  Hintermann, Beat; Zarkovic, Maja; Di Maria, Corrado; Wagner, Ulrich J. 2020 The effect of climate policy on productivity and cost pass-through in the German manufacturing sector WWZ
4607336  Reich, Stephanie K.; Hintermann, Beat; Zischg, Andreas 2020 Informed by wet feet: How do floods affect property prices? WWZ
4480790  Hintermann, Beat; Minke, Matthias 2018 The value of extending life at its end: Health care allocation in the presence of learning spillovers WWZ
4625850  Hintermann, Beat; Schoeman, Beaumont; Molloy, Joseph; Schatzmann, Thomas; Tchervenkov, Christopher; Axhausen, Kay W. 2022 The impact of COVID-19 on mobility choices in Switzerland WWZ

Publication: NewsItemPrint (Artikel in einer Tages, Wochen- oder Monatszeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4637972  Hintermann, Beat 2021 Mobilität in der zweiten Welle WWZ Faculty Blog - Der Ökonomieblog der Universität Basel
4637960  Hintermann, Beat 2021 Verkehrs-Pricing im Test WWZ Faculty Blog - Der Ökonomieblog der Universität Basel
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 45)

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