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Publication: ConferencePaper (Artikel, die in Tagungsbänden erschienen sind)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4639912  Gautschy, Rita 2021 Common features of megalithic stone rows in Switzerland Harmony and Symmetry: Celestial regularities shaping human culture. Proceedings of the SEAC2018 Conference in Graz
3702951  Gautschy, Rita 2016 Astronomical Data and their Potential for Chronological Purposes Proceedings of the 9th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
4639916  Gautschy, Rita 2021 Astronomical Data and Their Usefulness for Dating Ancient Societies Beyond Paradigms in Cultural Astronomy

Publication: Discussion paper / Internet publication

ID Author Year Title Publisher
992701  Gautschy, Rita 2012 Letzte und erste Sichtbarkeit der Mondsichel Rita Gautschy
992692  Gautschy, Rita 2012 Kanon der Sonnenfinsternisse von 2501 v. Chr. bis 1000 n. Chr. Rita Gautschy
4492461  Gautschy, Rita 2018 Jewish Calendar Eigene Webseite
4492460  Gautschy, Rita 2018 Islamic Calendar Eigene Webseite
992698  Gautschy, Rita 2012 Der Stern Sirius im Alten Ägypten und in Babylon Rita Gautschy
Showing records 41 - 48 (of 48)

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