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Common features of megalithic stone rows in Switzerland
ConferencePaper (Artikel, die in Tagungsbänden erschienen sind)
ID 4639912
Author(s) Gautschy, Rita
Author(s) at UniBasel Gautschy, Rita
Year 2021
Title Common features of megalithic stone rows in Switzerland
Editor(s) Draxler, Sonja; Lippitsch, Max; Wolfschmidt, Gudrun
Book title (Conference Proceedings) Harmony and Symmetry: Celestial regularities shaping human culture. Proceedings of the SEAC2018 Conference in Graz
Place of Conference Graz
Year of Conference 2018
Publisher tredition
Place of Publication Hamburg
Pages 22-30
ISSN/ISBN 978-3347146327
Keywords megalithic stone rows; Switzerland; orientation; solstices; lunistices

Several recent investigations suggest that monuments such as temples, tombs or stone rows were orientated towards distinctive points on the horizon such as the directions of sunrise or sunset at the solstices or equinoxes, or the rising or setting Moon at the lunistices. This paper investigates whether three accessible megalithic monuments in western Switzerland with stone rows consisting of ten or more stones show common features in orientation.


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