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Type Date Title Description ID
Memberships 2008-01-01 Locher, Miriam  VALS-ASLA: Vereinigung für Angewandten Linguistik in der Schweiz 414376
Memberships 2008-08-01 Locher, Miriam  COMET: Communication, Medicine and Ethics Society 414370
Memberships 2008-08-01 Locher, Miriam  The Pragmatics & Beyond New Series (Benjamins) ( 414368
Memberships 2014-06-01 Locher, Miriam  Journal of Pragmatics 2988256
Memberships 2015-05-01 Locher, Miriam  Journal of Pragmatics 3325121
Memberships 2020-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Journal of Pragmatics 4647585
Memberships 2020-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Korean Journal of Medical Education 4627877
Memberships 2021-01-01 Locher, Miriam  Cambridge University Press, Elements in Pragmatics 4647586
Invited presentations at conferences 2007-07-02 Investigating impoliteness: The interface between relational work and identity construction  The Third International Symposium on Politeness 69445
Invited presentations at conferences 2008-01-21 Advice Online, Invitation to speak on corpus linguistics methodology with respect to "Advice Online"   CLARET, a post-graduate workshop, The University of Nottingham 69453
Invited presentations at conferences 2008-01-22 Advice Online: How to study variation in advice-giving  Cross-institutional Research Group, Language in Professions, Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham 69451
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-01-27 Health on the Web: Computer-mediated Communication  Colloquium of the Institute of Communication and Health 69447
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-07-22 Relational work'and its usefulness for applied linguistics  Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series 69403
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-07-24 Internet health advice columns: How to study relational work online  Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series 69404
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-07-24 Facebook and relational work: A report on a pilot study  Sociolinguistic Festival, Lecture Series 69405
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-10-28 Politeness research: past, present, future  Forschungskolloquiums Anglistik und Amerikanistik 69440
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-12-01 `Come on, I am not a moron' -- Theorising impoliteness online  Research Seminar on Applied Linguistics 87550
Invited presentations at conferences 2009-12-02 Beziehungsarbeit ('relational work') im Internet  Interdisziplinären Linguistischen Kolloquium (ILKA) 69441
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-03-24 Politeness research from past to future, with a special focus on the discursive approach  EPICS IV 173418
Invited presentations at conferences 2010-07-01 Emotional display in online disagreements  The Fifth Symposium on Politeness 414383
Showing records 21 - 40 (of 90)

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