International Sales Law: A Guide to the CISG
Project funded by own resources
Project title International Sales Law: A Guide to the CISG
Principal Investigator(s) Schwenzer, Ingeborg
Fountoulakis, Christiana
Dimsey, Mariel
Organisation / Research unit Departement Rechtswissenschaften / Ordinariat Privatrecht, Rechtsvergleichung, internationales Handels- und Schiedsrecht (Schwenzer)
Project Website
Project start 01.01.2010
Probable end 31.12.2012
Status Completed

Written for international trade lawyers, practitioners and students from common and civil law countries, this casebook is an excellent starting point for learning about the CISG, providing an article-by-article analysis of the Convention. The commentary on each article is accompanied by extracts from cases and associated comparative materials, as well as references to important trade usages such as the INCOTERMS® 2010. The book features a selection of the most significant cases, each of which has been abridged to enable the reader to focus on its essential features and the relevant questions arising from it. The case extracts are accompanied by a comprehensive overview of parallel provisions in other international instruments, uniform
projects and domestic laws.
The analyses, cases, texts and questions are intended to aid readers in their comparative law and international sales law studies. They are designed to draw attention to the particular issues
surrounding specific CISG provisions and to provoke careful consideration of possible solutions.
The book is a reference work as well as an introduction to the individual problem areas. In particular, it acts as a preparatory work for the Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. The inclusion of sample questions and answers also makes it particularly helpful for self-study purposes. The 1st Edition was published by Routledge Cavendish in 2007.

New edition: Oxford: Hart Publishing 2012, xlii and 800 p.

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