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Dialectological study about the Spanish of Equatorial Guinea
Project funded by own resources
Project title Dialectological study about the Spanish of Equatorial Guinea
Principal Investigator(s) Schlumpf-Thurnherr, Sandra
Carreira, Sara
Organisation / Research unit Departement Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften / Iberoromanische und Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (Schlumpf-Thurnherr)
Project start 01.02.2021
Probable end 31.01.2025
Status Active

This research work is carried out in the context of the project «Improving the visibility of Equatorial Guinea as a Spanish-speaking country» funded by a SNSF grant and headed by Prof. Dr. Sandra Schlumpf-Thurnherr. The main objective is to generate a modern dialectological description of Equatoguinean Spanish on different linguistic levels. The key research methodology of this PhD project consists in the elaboration and conduction of linguistic tests and questionnaires, which allow to collect data about the use of selected linguistic features in Equatoguinean Spanish. The descriptions will be complemented by the analysis of sociolinguistic guideline interviews. Like this, answers can be given to the question about the internal (diatopic, diastratic, diaphasic and ethnic) homogeneity or diversity of the Equatoguinean Spanish and classical descriptions of this variety of the Spanish language can therefore be revised, modernized and completed. All this leads to a varied view on Equatorial Guinea which questions (and where necessary refutes) stereotypes, promotes the awareness of Equatorial Guinea within the linguistic research community and finally improves the visibility of the unique Hispanophone country in southern Africa.

Keywords Equatorial Guinea, Spanish, Dialectology
Financed by Other funds

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