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The implications of Covid-19 for mobility-related energy use and external costs
Third-party funded project
Project title The implications of Covid-19 for mobility-related energy use and external costs
Principal Investigator(s) Hintermann, Beat
Co-Investigator(s) Schoeman, Beaumont
Organisation / Research unit Departement Wirtschaftswissenschaften / Public Economics / Public Finance (Hintermann)
Department Departement Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Project start 01.09.2020
Probable end 30.11.2021
Status Completed

We investigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on energy use and emissions in the Swiss transport sector, both in the short and in the long run. The short-run effects will be estimated by means of an existing panel for which we have been tracking individual mobility behaviour since September 2019 and thus have a history spanning the onset of the pandemic. To examine the long-term effects we will carry out a stated choice experiment with a new sample of participants, in which we will estimate likely changes in mobility tool ownership (e.g., ownership of a car or a public transportation pass) as a function of infection rates and the possibility to work from home in the future. The change in mobility tool ownership in different scenarios will be used to compute the long-term changes in energy use and emissions in the transport sector.

Keywords Mobility, COVID-19, energy, emissions
Financed by Public Administration
Follow-up project of 4496364 Empirische Analyse des Mobilitätsverhaltens mit dynamischen Preisanreizen (MOBIS)

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  ID Kreditinhaber Kooperationspartner Institution Laufzeit - von Laufzeit - bis
4496397  Hintermann, Beat  Axhausen, Kay, Professor  ETH Zurich  01.07.2018  31.12.2024 

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