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FV-88 Budgetzyklen in Schweizer Gesundheitsausgaben
Third-party funded project
Project title FV-88 Budgetzyklen in Schweizer Gesundheitsausgaben
Principal Investigator(s) Hintermann, Beat
Project Members Thommen, Christoph
Organisation / Research unit Departement Wirtschaftswissenschaften / Public Economics / Public Finance (Hintermann)
Department Departement Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Project start 01.01.2021
Probable end 31.12.2021
Status Completed

The increase of public health care expenditure (PHCE) of Swiss cantons doubles before elections once a health minister faces re-election. Hospital spending is the main driver for this result. Outcome-based indicators, measuring the number of hospitals and beds, confirm these findings. There are indications of a redistribution pattern within total PHCE, in which additional expenditure in acute care is compensated for in other areas. Opportunistic policies regarding the number of acute care hospitals are found to be particularly strong among health ministers at risk of being voted out of office.

Keywords Health expenditure, electoral cycles, budget cycles
Financed by Foundations and Associations

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