Münsterschatz Digital
Project funded by own resources
Project title Münsterschatz Digital
Principal Investigator(s) Burkart, Lucas
Organisation / Research unit Departement Geschichte / Spätmittelalter und Renaissance (Burkart),
Fakultär assoziierte Institutionen / Digital Humanities Lab
Project Website www.muensterschatz.ch
Project start 02.06.2019
Probable end 31.12.2019
Status Completed

The online exhibition muensterschatz.ch combines historical research with innovations in digital imaging and interactive display technologies. The project was developed as an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Basel’s History Department and Digital Humanities Lab, the Basel Historical Museum, and the imaging and visualisation startup Truvis AG.

We combine expertise in history, art history, material culture, and museology with innovative photographic know-how and customized web design.

Our goal is to tell history through looking closely at objects. Access to objects and history should be made quick, easy, and entertaining. To do so we have used photo technologies attentive to objects’ multifaceted characteristics and have developed a new interactive interface specially for this project.

The freely accessible data—high-resolution images, metadata, accompanying texts and information—forms a new foundation for interdisciplinary research. Data can be exported and consulted by researchers across fields.

Project management was carried out by the Digital Humanities Lab and the Department of History, with technical implementation by Truvis AG.

Financed by Other funds

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