Digital Oceans | Autonomous Maritime Systems
Project funded by own resources
Project title Digital Oceans | Autonomous Maritime Systems
Principal Investigator(s) Petrig, Anna
Organisation / Research unit Departement Rechtswissenschaften / Tenure Track Assistenzprofessur Völkerrecht und öffentliches Recht (Petrig)
Project start 01.06.2018
Probable end 01.06.2022
Status Active

Over the past decade, two important developments relevant for international maritime security law have taken place: first, the security landscape at sea has changed considerably with transnational crimes now ranking high on the list of maritime security threats; second, the "digital revolution" has reached the sea with the advent of autonomous (aerial, surface and underwater) systems.The project at hand enquires into whether maritime security law can cope with the advent of this new technology.

Financed by University funds

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