TRIANGLE: Tri-National Ethnographic Multi-Case Study of Quality of Life in Long-Term Residential Care
Project funded by own resources
Project title TRIANGLE: Tri-National Ethnographic Multi-Case Study of Quality of Life in Long-Term Residential Care
Principal Investigator(s) Staudacher, Sandra
Zuniga, Franziska
Project Members Simon, Michael
Davies, Megan
Zuniga, Franziska
Peduzzi, Nora
Soiron, Séverine
Organisation / Research unit Departement Public Health / Institut für Pflegewissenschaft,
Departement Public Health / Pflegewissenschaft (Simon)
Project Website
Project start 01.02.2019
Probable end 31.01.2023
Status Active

Introduction: Person-centred care has been linked to quality of life in long-term residential care, although research typically focuses on observed, quantitatively recorded quality of life from a single perspective (e.g. resident, family members or care home staff). Limited feedback on person-centred care from residents’ perspectives means that changes in care are being implemented without a comprehensive understanding of what is required to benefit resident quality of life. To fully understand person-centred care in relation to quality of life, it is necessary to integrate multiple, qualitative perspectives as well as addressing the complexities of care contexts. Long-term residential care facilities are not only medical service providers, but also provide a home environment for older adults. As such they should consider resident perceptions based on the environment they are living in, in relation to expectations, needs and standards. This means moving away from providing basic and safe care towards care that maintains functional ability as well as dignity and wellbeing to benefit resident quality of life.  

Objectives: This study aims to gain a qualitative understanding of quality of life, particularly focussing on social relationships, and the impact of person-centred care on quality of life in long-term residential care using an ethnographic study design. In addition, this study allows exploration of resident quality of life from the viewpoint of multiple actors in long-term residential care.

Methods: This project consists of a review, followed by a qualitative multi-case study in long-term residential care across three European countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom and Nederlands). The review, a meta-ethnography, allows an inductive and interpretive approach to compare ideas presented in previous literature while generating themes. Ethnographic methods (observations, interviews and document analysis) used for data collection in each case study, allows the researchers to gather information in a natural setting. Information will be analysed from each individual case studies independently. Independent data from each will then be synthesised to explore the impact of a person-centred organisational culture on quality of life in long-term residential care.

Keywords long-term residential care, nursing home, person-centered care, quality of life, interprofessional collaboration, integrated care
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