Global Politics on Screen
Project funded by own resources
Project title Global Politics on Screen
Principal Investigator(s) Herren-Oesch, Madeleine
Knab, Cornelia
Decker, Eric Lars
Organisation / Research unit Europainstitut,
Europainstitut / Neuere europäische Geschichte (Herren-Oesch)
Project start 01.04.2013
Probable end 31.01.2023
Status Active



A Japanese Film on the Lytton Commission in 1932


In the run-up towards the Second World War in Asia, perhaps one of the most striking episodes is the Sino-Japanese dispute over Manchuria. In September 1931 bilateral tensions between China and Japan escalated in what became known as the Manchuarian Incident, representing a major challenge for those trying to manage the international system and strive for global peace. In an attempt to investigate the situation, the League of Nations sent the so-called Lytton Commission to Manchuaria early in 1932.

This website project presents an introduction to the efforts of the League of Nations to investigate in the Sino-Japanese conflict about Manchuria. Our starting point is a Japanese silent propaganda film from the early 1930s about the work of the so-called Lytton Commission of the League of Nations, which visualises events of international politics for a global public.


Keywords League of Nations, World War II, East Asia, Global History,
Financed by University funds

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