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NT-proBNP and medication adherence (LabAdhDoc)
Project funded by own resources
Project title NT-proBNP and medication adherence (LabAdhDoc)
Principal Investigator(s) Arnet, Isabelle
Zeller, Andreas
Co-Investigator(s) Hersberger, Kurt
Project Members Dietrich, Fine Michèle
Rothen, Jean-Pierre
Organisation / Research unit Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger)
Project start 01.06.2019
Probable end 31.12.2022
Status Completed

A functional classification exists for hearth failure (HF) that shows however poor relationship to the severy of symptoms. Guidelines recommend to measure the biomarker N-terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) to support clinical decision. Non-adherence to prescribed HF treatment may lead ultimately to hospitalization and mortality. Guidelines recommend multidisciplinary management and monitoring. In medical practices, electronic health records (EHR) are often locally configured. Nevertheless, laboratory results are transmitted in digital form. We aim at monitoring adherence to HF treatment with an electronic device (Time4Med) in ambulatory patients and transmit the adherence record in analogy to laboratory values of NT-proBNP. In a further step, we will evaluate the contribution of the adherence report to the treatment adaptation and ultimately to HF patients' outcomes.

Keywords NT-proBNP, electronic health records, non-adherence, Tim4Med
Financed by University funds

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4526337  Arnet, Isabelle  Pauli, Dominic, Dr. med.  openmedical company  01.01.2019  31.12.2021 

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