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Assessing supply security - A compound indicator
Discussion paper / Internet publication
ID 4509845
Digital Object Identifier DOI 10.2139/ssrn.3429536
Author(s) Abrell, Jan; Chavaz, Léo; Weigt, Hannes
Author(s) at UniBasel Weigt, Hannes
Abrell, Jan
Chavaz, Léo
Year 2019
Month and day 07-01
Title Assessing supply security - A compound indicator
Series title WWZ Working Papers
Volume 2019
Number 10
Pages 26
Publisher / Institution WWZ
Keywords Supply Security, Natural Gas
Abstract Supply security is a prominent and crucial notion which nds application in various economic sectors (energy security, food security, supply chain risks). Yet, it remains particularly dicult to dene and measure. Currently used indicators of supply security focus on narrow approaches and oer limited guidance to policy makers. Considering this, we propose a novel indicator assessing the supply security of industries, conceptually or physically, based on a network structure. The indicator is based on a simulation methodology and evaluates the reaction of the market to disruptions of its network services, thereby capturing the various dimensions of supply security. Subsequently, we perform an exemplary application onto the European natural gas market, and evaluate the impact of currently debated network extensions projects and policy measures.
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