A Two-Dimensional Polymer Synthesized at the Air/Water Interface
JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)
ID 4493636
Author(s) Muller, Vivian; Hinaut, Antoine; Moradi, Mina; Baljozovic, Milos; Jung, Thomas A.; Shahgaldian, Patrick; Moehwald, Helmuth; Hofer, Gregor; Kroger, Martin; King, Benjamin T.; Meyer, Ernst; Glatzel, Thilo; Schluter, A. Dieter
Author(s) at UniBasel Meyer, Ernst
Jung, Thomas
Glatzel, Thilo
Year 2018
Title A Two-Dimensional Polymer Synthesized at the Air/Water Interface
Volume 57
Number 33
Pages / Article-Number 10584-10588
Abstract A trifunctional, partially fluorinated anthracene-substituted triptycene monomer was spread at an air/water interface into a monolayer, which was transformed into a long-range-ordered 2D polymer by irradiation with a standard UV lamp. The polymer was analyzed by Brewster angle microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy measurements, and non-contact atomic force microscopy, which confirmed the generation of a network structure with lattice parameters that are virtually identical to a structural model network based on X-ray diffractometry of a closely related 2D polymer. The nc-AFM images highlight the long-range order over areas of at least 300 x 300 nm(2). As required for a 2D polymer, the pore sizes are monodisperse, except for the regions where the network is somewhat stretched because it spans over protrusions. Together with a previous report on the nature of the cross-links in this network, the structural information provided herein leaves no doubt that a 2D polymer has been synthesized under ambient conditions at an air/water interface.
ISSN/ISBN 1433-7851
edoc-URL https://edoc.unibas.ch/68096/
Full Text on edoc No
Digital Object Identifier DOI 10.1002/anie.201804937
ISI-Number 000440899000028
Document type (ISI) Article

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