Ethical concerns in the era of Big Data in psychiatry
Project funded by own resources
Project title Ethical concerns in the era of Big Data in psychiatry
Principal Investigator(s) Elger, Bernice Simone
Co-Investigator(s) Jotterand, Fabrice
Project Members Chivilgina, Olga
Organisation / Research unit Ethik / Bio- und Medizinethik (Elger)
Project start 01.03.2018
Probable end 01.03.2021
Status Completed

Nowadays, electronic medical records (EMR) and other digital technologies (DT) in healthcare are increasingly used which are impacting public health both positively and negatively. The digitalization in healthcare means that data is available to different parties without much barriers, but this also raises many ethical questions. Thus data security problems are getting much more prominent because of the ubiquity of data existence on each and every patients and that too in easily usuable ways by third parties. In the case of psychiatry, the availability of digitalized data of many patients is even more concerning in light of heavy stigmas associated with mental health problems. At the same time, persons with mental disorders need an interdisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation, and hence, the problem of data sharing, confidentiality, and respect for patients' privacy among health institutions, researchers, and insurance companies is essential. The goal of this project is to consider ethical issues on a role of EMRs and DTs in mental healthcare and to answer critical ethical questions of current interest. This project will be carried out both in Russia and Switzerland using a comparative qualitative research approach. The results of the project will provide highly important information on personalized mental health in the era of big data. The project is extremely significant because it is the first study that will trace and analyze current mental health data collections in these two countries with the aim of comparing an Eastern and Western European country. 

Financed by University funds
Other funds

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