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Stability of medicines after repackaging into multicompartment compliance aids: eight criteria for detection of visual alteration
JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)
ID 3935826
Author(s) Albert, Valerie; Lanz, Michael; Imanidis, Georgios; Hersberger, Kurt E.; Arnet, Isabelle
Author(s) at UniBasel Arnet, Isabelle
Albert, Valerie
Hersberger, Kurt
Year 2017
Title Stability of medicines after repackaging into multicompartment compliance aids: eight criteria for detection of visual alteration
Journal Drugs & Therapy Perspectives
Volume 33
Number 10
Pages / Article-Number 487-496
Keywords Multicompartment compliance aids; repackaging; visual alteration; community pharmacies
Abstract Multicompartment compliance aids (MCA) are widely used by patients. They support the management of medication and reduce unintentional nonadherence. MCA are filled with medicines unpacked from their original packaging. Swiss pharmacists currently provide MCA for 1-2 weeks, although little and controversial information exists on the stability of repackaged medicines.; We aimed to validate the usefulness of a simple screening method capable of detecting visual stability problems with repackaged medicines.; We selected eight criteria for solid formulations from The International Pharmacopoeia: (1) rough surface, (2) chipping, (3) cracking, (4) capping, (5) mottling, (6) discoloration, (7) swelling, and (8) crushing. A selection of 24 critical medicines was repackaged in three different MCA (Pharmis(®), SureMed™, and self-produced blister) and stored at room temperature for 4 weeks. Pharmis(®) was additionally stored at accelerated conditions. Appearance was scored weekly.; Six alterations (rough surface, cracking, mottling, discoloration, swelling, and crushing) were observed at accelerated conditions. No alteration was observed at room temperature, except for the chipping of tablets that had been stuck to cold seal glue.; The eight criteria can detect alterations of the appearance of oral solid medicines repackaged in MCA. In the absence of specific guidelines, they can serve as a simple screening method in community pharmacies for identifying medicines unsuitable for repackaging.
Publisher Springer
ISSN/ISBN 1172-0360 ; 1179-1977
Full Text on edoc No
Digital Object Identifier DOI 10.1007/s40267-017-0431-9
PubMed ID
ISI-Number MEDLINE:28989276
Document type (ISI) Journal Article

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