Anthropology and Architecture: A Misplaced Conversation (part 2)
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ID 3925957
Author(s) Jasper, Adam
Author(s) at UniBasel Smith, Adam Jasper
Year 2017
Title Anthropology and Architecture: A Misplaced Conversation (part 2)
Journal Architectural Theory Review
Volume 21
Number 2
Pages 111-113
Keywords architecture, anthropology, interdisciplinary
Abstract When we set out to produce this issue, we initially asked the wrong question: “where is the conversation between anthropology and architecture?” The question was wrong – or at least naive – because it imagined a discourse of science not defined by practice, but guiding it. We imagined that theorists from architecture would look at anthropology (and vice versa) and see a field sharing origins with their own, with a related but distinct set of problems and techniques, and a wealth of potential solutions to offer. Over two special issues of this journal, this exchange has revealed itself to be a possibility more latent than fulfilled.
Publisher Taylor and Francis
ISSN/ISBN 1326-4826 ; 1755-0475
Full Text on edoc No
Digital Object Identifier DOI 10.1080/13264826.2017.1373412

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