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Pragmatics of Fiction
Edited Book (Herausgeber eines eigenstšndigen Buches)
ID 3590509
Editor(s) Locher, Miriam A; Jucker, Andreas H
Editor(s) at UniBasel Locher, Miriam
Year 2017
Title Pragmatics of Fiction
Publisher De Gruyter Mouton
Place of publication Berlin
ISSN/ISBN 978-3-11-043970-0 ; 978-3-11-043109-4
Series title Handbooks of pragmatics
Volume 12
Keywords pragmatics, fiction, telecinematic data, linguistics

Table of Contents Preface to the handbook series Preface to Pragmatics of Fiction 1.†††††††† Introducing Pragmatics of Fiction : Approaches, trends and developments Andreas H. Jucker and Miriam A. Locher I.†††††††† Pragmatics of fiction as communication: Foundations 2.†††††† Participation structure in fictional discourse: Authors, scriptwriters, audiences and characters Thomas Messerli 3.†††††† The pragmatics of the genres of fiction Janet Giltrow 4.†††††† Fictional characterization Jonathan Culpeper and Carolina Fernandez-Quintanilla 5.†††††† The role of dialogue in fiction Monika Bednarek 6.†††††† Narrative perspectives on voice in fiction Christian Hoffmann 7.†††††† Pragmatics of style in fiction Beatrix Busse II.††††† Features of orality and variation 8.†††††† Oral features in fiction Wolfram Bublitz 9.†††††† Doing dialects in dialogues: Regional, social and ethnic variation in fiction GaŽlle Planchenault 10.†††† Multilingualism in fiction Miriam A. Locher 11.†††† The pragmatics of estrangement in fantasy and science fiction Michael Adams III.††† Pragmatic themes in fiction 12.†††† Pragmatics and the translation of fiction Roberto A. Valdeůn 13.†††† Subtitling and dubbing in telecinematic text Marie-NoŽlle Guillot 14.†††† (Im)politeness in fiction Urszula Kizelbach 15.†††† (Im)politeness and telecinematic discourse Marta Dynel 16.†††† Stance in fiction Daniela Landert 17.†††† Language and emotion in fiction Andreas Langlotz 18.†††† Language change and fiction Derek Denis and Sali A. Tagliamonte Bionotes Index

Full Text on edoc No
Digital Object Identifier DOI 10.1515/9783110431094

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