African Pentecostalism, Politics and Public Space
Project funded by own resources
Project title African Pentecostalism, Politics and Public Space
Principal Investigator(s) Heuser, Andreas
Organisation / Research unit Fachbereich Theologie / Aussereuropäisches Christentum (Heuser)
Project start 01.02.2013
Probable end 31.12.2016
Status Completed

This project focuses on African Pentecostalism with respect to its socio-political dimensions. The research is based on empirical studies primarily undertaken in Ghana.Recent dynamics of a "Pentecostalization" of African Christianity come into play, and the pentecostalizing impact of African religious and public spheres as well. However, most important constituents of research are the transnational networks from which pentecostal movements sediment into wider public arenas and into migrant Christianity.

Keywords Pentecostalism, Ghana, transnational networks
Financed by University funds

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