Dissertationsprojekt Rahel C. Ackermann: Archäologische und numismatische Untersuchungen zur Münzstätte im Schloss Haldenstein GR (Arbeitstitel).
Project funded by own resources
Project title Dissertationsprojekt Rahel C. Ackermann: Archäologische und numismatische Untersuchungen zur Münzstätte im Schloss Haldenstein GR (Arbeitstitel).
Principal Investigator(s) Schwarz, Peter-Andrew
Geiger , Hans-Ulrich
Emmerig, Hubert
Project Members Ackermann, Rahel C.
Organisation / Research unit Departement Altertumswissenschaften / Vindonissa Professur Provinzialrömische Archäologie (Schwarz)
Project Website http://www.fundmuenzen.ch/portrait/pub_ackermann.html
Project start 01.01.2011
Probable end 31.12.2019
Status Active

In the 1980s, during the archaeological investigation and restoration of the Haldenstein castle in the Rhine valley close to Coire, Grisons, Switzerland, remains of a mint were detected. There, from 1612 to 1770, seven Barons of Haldenstein produced coins of varying quality, representative gold and larger silver denominations along with small ones below standard.

Several thousand items of broken crucibles, melting waste, test strikings of coin dies, blanks, clippings of strips, and coins document the complete production cycle from the melting of the silver alloy to the cutting of blanks and coins. The quality in the production and of the coins was almost always poor. Thus many technical details are visible in the mint waste and in the coinage that could not be detected on well produced coins. All these elements allow a unique insight in the transition of an early modern mint to a machinery based production center.

The mint was installed in several rooms, all oriented towards the central court of the castle. Only few structures are documented. Based on the spacial analysis of the finds, and on some few texts preserved, as inventories and contracts, it is nevertheless possible to reconstruct the mint of Haldenstein.

Rahel C. Ackermann, lic. phil., Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds, P. O. Box 6855; 3001 BERNE; Switzerland rahel.ackermann@fundmuenzen.ch; www.fundmuenzen.ch

Keywords Numismatik, Münzstätte Haldenstein
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1582947  Schwarz, Peter-Andrew  Clavadetscher, Urs, stv. Kantonsarchäologe  Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden  01.01.2011  31.12.2015 
1582967  Schwarz, Peter-Andrew  Mühlemann, Yves Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Sammlung, Numismatik, Archäologie  Rätisches Museum Chur  01.01.2011  31.12.2015 
1501334  Schwarz, Peter-Andrew  Peter, Markus, Dr. phil., Numismatiker  Augusta Raurica / Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz (IFS)  01.01.2012  31.12.2015 
2232022  Schwarz, Peter-Andrew  Reitmaier, Thomas, Dr. phil. Kantonsarchäologe  Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden  01.01.2013  31.12.2015 
2232031  Schwarz, Peter-Andrew  Emmerig, Hubertus M. A., ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.   Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte der Universität Wien  01.03.2013  31.12.2013 

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