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Perception Toolbox
Third-party funded project
Project title Perception Toolbox
Principal Investigator(s) Seelig, Harald
Organisation / Research unit Departement Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit / Sportwissenschaften (Pühse)
Project start 01.07.2014
Probable end 28.02.2017
Status Completed

Development of an effective questionaire technique to asses percepted properties of (sport) clothing

Quality management, product development, product design and detail engineering depend on feedback which should be as precise and reliable as possible. Whereas any technical feedback or measurement device is qualified, selected or rejected as a mean to mirror properties of products, we find a somewhat different approach when product tests are performed by people. Although one would doubt the related degree of precision and reliability, there is no doubt that “human” test-feedback is essential. A trivial idea behind this is that products fabricated for human use or consumption must be assessed for related quality. The second aspect seems to be a more complex one; human testers have a multi-sensory apparatus at their disposal. This may be advantageous and detrimental at the same time; depending on the aim of product testing. One desideratum in this field is to find an approach that enables product designers to profit from human feedback without suffering from measurement errors that could be caused by different sources (e.g. individual preference, sensory thresholds, …). This should allow for transformation of human feedback to (physical) property modification.

Financed by Private Sector / Industry

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