Palaeolithic Jordan
Project funded by own resources
Project title Palaeolithic Jordan
Principal Investigator(s) Le Tensorer, Jean-Marie
Co-Investigator(s) Wojtczak, Dorota
Wegmüller, Fabio
Jagher, Reto
Elsuede, Hani
Organisation / Research unit Departement Umweltwissenschaften / Urgeschichte (Le Tensorer)
Project start 01.01.2015
Probable end 31.12.2020
Status Active

Palaeolithic research in Jordan by the University of Basel research group of the El Kowm project is focused on complementary studies to the ongoing investigations in El Kowm (Central-Syria).

In a first phase, selected sites will be assessed for their scientific potential within the scope of the El Kowm project. Furthermore scientific cooperation with Jordanian researchers and authorities will be developed. Specific studies in lithic technologies and palaeontology will be conducted according to the outcome and evaluation of the first phase.


Financed by Other funds

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