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CH-X Swiss Federal Survey on Lifestyle, Consumption and Future Aspirations
Project funded by own resources
Project title CH-X Swiss Federal Survey on Lifestyle, Consumption and Future Aspirations
Principal Investigator(s) Bergman, Manfred Max
Samuel, Robin
Organisation / Research unit Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften / Sozialforschung und Methodologie (Bergman)
Project Website
Project start 01.05.2009
Probable end 30.06.2016
Status Completed

The scientific aim of this project focuses on the theoretically grounded exploration of the relationships between (a) lifestyle and consumption patterns, (b) future aspirations, and (c) how these connect with each other among young adults in Switzerland. At the time of data collection, Switzerland will be coming out of probably the most profound recession in recent memory and it is likely that this may have impacted on young persons’ lifestyle choices, consumption behaviour, and future aspirations. This study aims at creating data that are not only of scientific value on their own, but they would also allow a partial country comparison with related studies on this topic (notably the Cultures of Consumption programme by Chan and Goldthorpe (2007a; 2007b; 2007c)), as well as comparing these patterns wherever relevant with previous ch-X studies (notably Bertossa, Haltiner, and Meier Schweizer, 2008) and studies associated with the Basel-based TREE (Transition from Education to Employment) project ( This ch-X project will be embedded in the considerable infrastructure available at the University of Basel, and it will cooperate closely with FORS, the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences. Beyond knowledge production as outlined above, the structural aim is to (a) produce a resource for scientific work and policy recommendations relating to lifestyles, consumption, and future aspirations, (b) produce a useful data set for secondary analysis that will be documented according to the current standards, (c) publish peer-reviewed articles and an accessible book on this topic for a less academic public, and (d) diffuse information about the findings to the relevant media and policy outlets.

Keywords lifestyle, consumption, future aspirations, young adults, Switzerland
Financed by Other funds

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