Biology of rare and endangered species
Project funded by own resources
Project title Biology of rare and endangered species
Principal Investigator(s) Baur, Bruno
Project Members Coray, Armin
Organisation / Research unit Departement Umweltwissenschaften / Naturschutzbiologie (Baur)
Project Website
Project start 01.01.2007
Probable end 31.12.2020
Status Active

Population genetics contributes important knowledge to the preservation of species. In endangered species, genetical management of captive populations and of natural populations in isolated habitats is necessary for the short term survival of the species (avoidance of inbreeding) and for the long term maintenance of the adaptability of the species (preservation of genetic diversity). In collaboration with Basel Zoo, we study population genetical aspects of the world wide captive breeding populations of the pygmy hippopotamus, the Indian rhinoceros (picture) and other mammal species, to form the basis for the breeding programs.

Financed by Other funds

Published results ()

  ID Autor(en) Titel ISSN / ISBN Erschienen in Art der Publikation
986259  Rusterholz, Hans-Peter; Verhoustraeten, Christine; Baur, Bruno  Effects of long-term trampling on the above-ground forest vegetation and soil seed bank at the base of limestone cliffs  1432-1009  Environmental Management  Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift) 

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