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Electronic multidrug blister pack to improve clinical and humanistic outcomes after hospital discharge
Project funded by own resources
Project title Electronic multidrug blister pack to improve clinical and humanistic outcomes after hospital discharge
Principal Investigator(s) Hersberger, Kurt
Co-Investigator(s) Böni, Fabienne
Arnet, Isabelle
Hug, Balthasar
Project Members Zeller, Andreas
Organisation / Research unit Departement Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften / Pharmaceutical Care (Hersberger)
Project start 01.07.2011
Probable end 31.12.2013
Status Completed

Non-adherence impairs the patients’ clinical condition as well as their quality of life and causes costs in the healthcare system. Dug reminder packaging (DremP), consisting of a compartments containing drugs for specific dosing times, like pillboxes or multidrug blister packs, are supposed to represent a simple method to help unintentionally non-adherent patients to better fulfil their treatment plan. In Switzerland, community pharmacies are used to prepare DremP for outpatients with chronic conditions. The multidrug blister pack Pharmis® is filled with oral solid medication, usually for one week (28 cavities for 4 dosing times a day).

An evaluation in 2011 showed that 51 community pharmacies in Switzerland provided Pharmis® blisters mainly to nursing homes (83%) and to 14% ambulant patients who were very old, suffered from dementia, or had external help with their medication. However, feedback from 22 of the ambulant patients was very positive. Pharmacists estimated the Pharmis® blister to enhance compliance by 66.1% ± 27.4% in ambulant patients who were initially non-compliant.

We suggest the circle of users for Pharmis® blister packs to be larger and that more younger patients or with complex therapeutic regimens, who are overstrained with the organisation of their drugs, or suddenly have to take many drugs (e.g. after hospital discharge) would take advantages from Pharmis® blisters.

We will perform a randomised clinical trial with patients at discharge from the internal medicine’s ward of the University Hospital Basel.
The main question of interest is whether multidrug blister packs Pharmis®, equipped with POlymedication Electronic Monitoring System (POEMS), have an impact on the compliance of ambulatory patients resulting in improved clinical parameters, better quality of life, and reduced time to rehospitalisation in comparison to usual pharmaceutical care. A special focus will be on the usability and the acceptance of the device. Handling and patient satisfaction with Pharmis® blister will be compared to regular medication containers.

Keywords Pharmaceutical Care, Adherence, Blister Pack
Financed by Other funds

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  ID Kreditinhaber Kooperationspartner Institution Laufzeit - von Laufzeit - bis
458107  Arnet, Isabelle; Hersberger, Kurt  Kort, Willem, Dr. CEO  Confrerie clinique S.A., Lausanne  01.03.2008  30.12.2015 
1483947  Hersberger, Kurt  Allemann Renate and Türkauf Susanne CEO's  Notfall Apotheke Basel AG  01.01.2012  31.12.2015 

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