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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4684102  Kühnhammer, Kathrin; van Haren, Joost; Kübert, Angelika; Bailey, Kinzie; Dubbert, Maren; Hu, Jia; Ladd, S Nemiah; Meredith, Laura K; Werner, Christiane; Beyer,MatthiasM. 2023 Deep roots mitigate drought impacts on tropical trees despite limited quantitative contribution to transpiration The science of the total environment
4620696  Ladd, S. Nemiah; Nelson, Daniel B.; Bamberger, Ines; Daber, L. Erik; Kreuzwieser, Jürgen; Kahmen, Ansgar; Werner, Christiane 2021 Metabolic exchange between pathways for isoprenoid synthesis and implications for biosynthetic hydrogen isotope fractionation The New phytologist
4634416  Madeira, Carolina; Madeira, Diana; Ladd, Nemiah; Schubert, Carsten J.; Diniz, Mario S.; Vinagre, Catarina; Leal, Miguel C. 2021 Conserved fatty acid profiles and lipid metabolic pathways in a tropical reef fish exposed to ocean warming - an adaptation mechanism of tolerant species? Science of the Total Environment
4636517  Werner, Christiane; Meredith, Laura K.; Ladd, S. Nemiah; Ingrisch, Johannes; Kuebert, Angelika; van Haren, Joost; Bahn, Michael; Bailey, Kinzie; Bamberger, Ines; Beyer, Matthias; Blomdahl, Daniel; Byron, Joseph; Daber, Erik; Deleeuw, Jason; Dippold, Michaela A.; Fudyma, Jane; Gil-Loaiza, Juliana; Honeker, Linnea K.; Hu, Jia; Huang, Jianbei; Kluepfel, Thomas; Krechmer, Jordan; Kreuzwieser, Juergen; Kuehnhammer, Kathrin; Lehmann, Marco M.; Meeran, Kathiravan; Misztal, Pawel K.; Ng, Wei-Ren; Pfannerstill, Eva; Pugliese, Giovanni; Purser, Gemma; Roscioli, Joseph; Shi, Lingling; Tfaily, Malak; Williams, Jonathan 2021 Ecosystem fluxes during drought and recovery in an experimental forest Science
4684104  Kübert, Angelika; Dubbert, Maren; Bamberger, Ines; Kühnhammer, Kathrin; Beyer, Matthias; van Haren, Joost; Bailey, Kinzie; Hu, Jia; Meredith, Laura K; Ladd, Sarah Nemiah; Werner, Christiane 2023 Tracing plant source water dynamics during drought by continuous transpiration measurements: An in-situ stable isotope approach Plant, cell & environment
4634409  Hudson, Cameron M.; Ladd, S. Nemiah; Leal, Miguel C.; Schubert, Carsten J.; Seehausen, Ole; Matthews, Blake 2021 Fit and fatty freshwater fish: Contrasting polyunsaturated fatty acid phenotypes between hybridizing stickleback lineages Oikos
4648831  Byron, Joseph; Kreuzwieser, Juergen; Purser, Gemma; van Haren, Joost; Ladd, Sarah Nemiah; Meredith, Laura K.; Werner, Christiane; Williams, Jonathan 2022 Chiral monoterpenes reveal forest emission mechanisms and drought responses Nature
4634417  Ladd, S. Nemiah; Maloney, Ashley E.; Nelson, Daniel B.; Prebble, Matthew; Camperio, Giorgia; Sear, David A.; Hassall, Jonathan; Langdon, Peter G.; Sachs, Julian P.; Dubois, Nathalie 2021 Leaf Wax Hydrogen Isotopes as a Hydroclimate Proxy in the Tropical Pacific Journal of Geophysical Research Biogeosciences
4648833  He, Ding; Ladd, Sarah Nemiah; Park, Jiwoon; Sachs, Julian P.; Simoneit, Bernd R. T.; Smoak, Joseph M.; Jaffe, Rudolf 2022 Carbon and hydrogen isotopes of taraxerol in mangrove leaves and sediment cores: Implications for paleo-reconstructions Geochimica et cosmochimica acta
4641522  Honeker, Linnea K.; Hildebrand, Gina A.; Fudyma, Jane D.; Daber, L. Erik; Hoyt, David; Flowers, Sarah E.; Gil-Loaiza, Juliana; Kübert, Angelika; Bamberger, Ines; Anderton, Christopher R.; Cliff, John; Leichty, Sarah; Amini Tabrizi, Roya; Kreuzwieser, Jürgen; Shi, Lingling; Bai, Xuejuan; Velickovic, Dusan; Dippold, Michaela A.; Ladd, S. Nemiah; Werner, Christiane; Meredith, Laura K.; Tfaily, Malak M. 2022 Elucidating Drought-Tolerance Mechanisms in Plant Roots through 1H NMR Metabolomics in Parallel with MALDI-MS, and NanoSIMS Imaging Techniques Environmental science and technology
4634413  Twining, Cornelia W.; Bernhardt, Joey R.; Derry, Alison M.; Hudson, Cameron M.; Ishikawa, Asano; Kabeya, Naoki; Kainz, Martin; Kitano, Jun; Kowarik, Carmen; Ladd, Sarah Nemiah; Leal, Miguel C.; Scharnweber, Kirstin; Shipley, Jeremy R.; Matthews, Blake 2021 The evolutionary ecology of fatty-acid variation: implications for consumer adaptation and diversification Ecology Letters
Showing records 1 - 11 (of 11)

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