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Publication: Authored Book (Verfasser eines eigenständigen Buches)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4640088  Müller, Ivan; Dolley, Danielle; Degen, Jan; Gall, Stefanie; Weiss, Anita; Brügger, Chantal; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Joubert, Nandi; Adams, Larissa; Lang, Christin; Beckmann, Johanna; Nienhaber, Madeleine; Arnaiz, Patricia; Wälti, Marina; Ludyga, Sebastian; Steinmann, Peter; Utzinger, Jürg; du Randt, Rosa; Gresse, Annelie; Damons, Bruce; Hutton, Tracey; Aerts, Ann; van Greunen, Darelle; Kaiser, Hedwig; Gerber, Markus; Walter, Cheryl; Pühse, Uwe 2022 KaziKidz Teaching Material for Foundation Phase, Grade 1-3: A short version of the teaching resources for Life Skills Teachers in the Foundation Phase Curriculum African Sun Media Publishing House

Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4378462  Ludyga, Sebastian; Brand, Serge; Gerber, Markus; Pühse, Uwe 2018 Exercise as neuroenhancer in children with ADHD: cognitive and behavioral effects Routledge
4378460  Ludyga, Sebastian 2017 Sportaktivität, Stress und das Gehirn Springer

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4622026  Gerber, Markus; Lang, Christin; Beckmann, Johanna; du Randt, Rosa; Gall, Stefanie; Seelig, Harald; Long, Kurt Z.; Ludyga, Sebastian; Müller, Ivan; Nienaber, Madeleine; Nqweniso, Siphesihle; Pühse, Uwe; Steinmann, Peter; Utzinger, Jürg; Walter, Cheryl 2021 How are academic achievement and inhibitory control associated with physical fitness, soil-transmitted helminth infections, food insecurity and stunting among South African primary schoolchildren? BMC Public Health
4597835  Gerber, Markus; Colledge, Flora; Mücke, Manuel; Schilling, René; Brand, Serge; Ludyga, Sebastian 2018 Psychometric properties of the Shirom-Melamed Burnout Measure (SMBM) among adolescents: results from three cross-sectional studies BMC psychiatry
4606266  Mücke, Manuel; Ludyga, Sebastian; Colledge, Flora; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2020 Association of Exercise with Inhibitory Control and Prefrontal Brain Activity Under Acute Psychosocial Stress Brain Sciences
4622976  Ludyga, Sebastian; Gerber, Markus; Brand, Serge; Möhring, Wenke; Pühse, Uwe 2021 Do different cognitive domains mediate the association between moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and adolescents' off-task behaviour in the classroom? British Journal of Educational Psychology
4496089  Ludyga, Sebastian; Mücke, Manuel; Kamijo, Keita; Andrä, Christian; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus; Herrmann, Christian 2019 The role of motor competences in predicting working memory maintenance and preparatory processing Child Development
4141076  Ludyga, Sebastian; Brand, Serge; Gerber, Markus; Weber, Peter; Brotzmann, Mark; Habibifar, Fahimeh; Pühse, Uwe 2017 An event-related potential investigation of the acute effects of aerobic and coordinative exercise on inhibitory control in children with ADHD Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
4622980  Ludyga, Sebastian; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus; Mücke, Manuel; Lemola, Sakari; Mori, Andrea Capone; Brotzmann, Mark; Weber, Peter 2021 Very preterm birth and cognitive control: The mediating roles of motor skills and physical fitness Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
4486567  Ludyga, Sebastian; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus; Herrmann, Christian 2018 Core Executive Functions Are Selectively Related to Different Facets of Motor Competence in Preadolescent Children European Journal of Sport Science
4649199  Ludyga, Sebastian; Held, Steffen; Rappelt, Ludwig; Donath, Lars; Klatt, Stefanie 2022 A network meta-analysis comparing the effects of exercise and cognitive training on executive function in young and middle-aged adults European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS)
4649197  Ludyga, Sebastian; Ishihara, Toru; Kamijo, Keita 2022 The Nervous System as a Pathway for Exercise to Improve Social Cognition Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
4597821  Brand, Serge; Schilling, René; Ludyga, Sebastian; Colledge, Flora; Sadeghi Bahmani, Dena; Holsboer-Trachsler, Edith; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2019 Further Evidence of the Zero-Association Between Symptoms of Insomnia and Facial Emotion Recognition - Results From a Sample of Adults in Their Late 30s Frontiers in Psychiatry
4599330  Schilling, René; Herrmann, Christian; Ludyga, Sebastian; Colledge, Flora; Brand, Serge; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2020 Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Buffer Stress Reactivity and Stress Recovery in Police Officers? A Real-Life Study Frontiers in Psychiatry
3246261  Brand, S.; Colledge, F.; Ludyga, S.; Emmenegger, R.; Sadeghi Bahmani, D.; Kalak, N.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.; Pühse, U.; Gerber, M. 2018 Acute bouts of exercising improved mood, rumination and social interaction in in-patients with mental disorders Frontiers in Psychology
4597829  Gerber, Markus; Isoard-Gautheur, Sandrine; Schilling, René; Ludyga, Sebastian; Brand, Serge; Colledge, Flora 2018 When Low Leisure-Time Physical Activity Meets Unsatisfied Psychological Needs: Insights From a Stress-Buffer Perspective Frontiers in Psychology
4597825  Brand, Serge; Mikoteit, Thorsten; Kalak, Nadeem; Sadeghi Bahmani, Dena; Lemola, Sakari; Gerber, Markus; Ludyga, Sebastian; Bossard, Madleina; Pühse, Uwe; Holsboer-Trachsler, Edith; Hatzinger, Martin 2018 Cortisol Impacted on Explicit Learning Encoding, but Not on Storage and Retrieval, and Was Not Associated With Sleep Patterns - Results From the Trier Social Stress Test for Children (TSST-C) Among 9-Years Old Children Frontiers in Psychology
4606264  Mücke, Manuel; Ludyga, Sebastian; Colledge, Flora; Pühse, Uwe; Gerber, Markus 2020 The Influence of an Acute Exercise Bout on Adolescents' Stress Reactivity, Interference Control, and Brain Oxygenation Under Stress Frontiers in Psychology
4651036  Cody, Robyn; Kreppke, Jan-Niklas; Beck, Johannes; Donath, Lars; Eckert, Anne; Imboden, Christian; Hatzinger, Martin; Holsboer-Trachsler, Edith; Lang, Undine E.; Ludyga, Sebastian; Mans, Sarah; Mikoteit, Thorsten; Oswald, Anja; Rogausch, Anja; Schweinfurth, Nina; Zahner, Lukas; Faude, Oliver; Gerber, Markus 2021 Psychosocial health and physical activity in people with major depression in the context of COVID-19 Frontiers in Sports and Active Living
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 87)

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