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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3012645  Schelling, E.; Hattendorf, J. 2015 One health study designs CABI
4652988  Schelling, E.; Hattendorf, J. 2021 One Health study designs CABI
4653008  Zinsstag, J.; Fuhrimann, S.; Hattendorf, J.; Chitnis, N. 2020 Modèles de transmission animaux-humains Éditions Quae
4652987  Schelling, E.; Hattendorf, J. 2020 Conception d'études One Health Éditions Quae
1806377  Münch, A.; Diallo, B.; Zinsstag, J.; Hattendorf, J.; Bonfoh, B. 2012 Clinical status of women and children : a medical study among the Kel Alhafra Schwabe
4652957  Chitnis, N.; Zinsstag, J.; Fuhrimann, S.; Hattendorf, J. 2021 Animal-human transmission models CABI
3008937  Zinsstag, J.; Fuhrimann, S.; Hattendorf, J.; Chitnis, N. 2015 Animal-human transmission CABI

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2067306  Müller, Borna; Dürr, Salome; Alonso, Silvia; Hattendorf, Jan; Laisse, Cláudio J M; Parsons, Sven D C; van Helden, Paul D; Zinsstag, Jakob 2013 Zoonotic Mycobacterium bovis induced tuberculosis in humans Emerging infectious diseases
4699997  Abukhattab, S.; Hosch, S.; Abu-Rmeileh, N. M. E.; Hasan, S.; Vonaesch, P.; Crump, L.; Hattendorf, J.; Daubenberger, C.; Zinsstag, J.; Schindler, T. 2023 Whole-genome sequencing for One Health surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in conflict zones: a case study of Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter spp. in the West Bank, Palestine Applied and environmental microbiology
2980286  Meyer, Ursina; Ernst, Dominique; Schott, Silvia; Riera, Claudia; Hattendorf, Jan; Romkes, Jacqueline; Granacher, Urs; Göpfert, Beat; Kriemler, Susi 2015 Validation of two accelerometers to determine mechanical loading of physical activities in children Journal of sports sciences
4487313  Knopp, Stefanie; Ame, Shaali M.; Hattendorf, Jan; Ali, Said M.; Khamis, Iddi S.; Bakar, Faki; Khamis, Mwanaidi A.; Person, Bobbie; Kabole, Fatma; Rollinson, David 2018 Urogenital schistosomiasis elimination in Zanzibar : accuracy of urine filtration and haematuria reagent strips for diagnosing light intensity Schistosoma haematobium infections Parasites and Vectors
4598489  Sanhoun, Aimé R.; Traoré, Sylvain G.; Gboko, Kossia D. T.; Kirioua, Jérôme; Kurt, Fabienne; Otaru, Nize; Iten, Patriz; Kaindi, Dasel W. M.; Kreikemeyer, Bernd; Renault, Pierre; Dao, Daouda; Hattendorf, Jan; Meile, Leo; Koussemon, Marina; Jans, Christoph; Bonfoh, Bassirou 2020 Traditional milk transformation schemes in Côte d'Ivoire and their impact on the prevalence of Streptococcus bovis complex bacteria in dairy products PLoS ONE
4651440  Abukhattab, S.; Kull, M.; Abu-Rmeileh, N. M.; Cissé, G.; Crump, L.; Hattendorf, J.; Zinsstag, J. 2022 Towards a one health food safety strategy for palestine: a mixed-method study Antibiotics (Basel)
4646536  Assal, M.; Kutaish, H.; Acker, A.; Hattendorf, J.; Lübbeke, A.; Crevoisier, X. 2021 Three-year rates of reoperation and revision following mobile versus fixed-bearing total ankle arthroplasty: a cohort of 302 patients with 2 implants of similar design Journal of bone and joint surgery
2425130  Jean-Richard, Vreni; Crump, Lisa; Moto Daugla, Doumagoum; Hattendorf, Jan; Schelling, Esther; Zinsstag, Jakob 2014 The use of mobile phones for demographic surveillance of mobile pastoralists and their animals in Chad : proof of principle Global health action
4651938  Zinsstag, J.; Hediger, K.; Osman, Y. M.; Abukhattab, S.; Crump, L.; Kaiser-Grolimund, A.; Mauti, S.; Ahmed, A.; Hattendorf, J.; Bonfoh, B.; Heitz-Tokpa, K.; Berger Gonzalez, M.; Bucher, A.; Léchenne, M.; Tschopp, R.; Obrist, B.; Pelikan, K. 2022 The promotion and development of One Health at Swiss TPH and its greater potential Diseases
4485747  Yahyaoui Azami, Hind; Ducrotoy, Marie J.; Bouslikhane, Mohammed; Hattendorf, Jan; Thrusfield, Mike; Conde-Álvarez, Raquel; Moriyón, Ignacio; Zúñiga-Ripa, Amaia; Muñoz Álvaro, Pilar M.; Mick, Virginie; Bryssinckx, Ward; Welburn, Sue C.; Zinsstag, Jakob 2018 The prevalence of brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis in ruminants in Sidi Kacem Province, Morocco PloS one
4603478  Wirth, Sandra; Gebhardt-Henrich, Sabine G.; Riemer, Stefanie; Hattendorf, Jan; Zinsstag, Jakob; Hediger, Karin 2020 The influence of human interaction on guinea pigs: behavioral and thermographic changes during animal-assisted therapy Physiology & behavior
4513615  Nooh, Faisal; Crump, Lisa; Hashi, Abdiwahab; Tschopp, Rea; Schelling, Esther; Reither, Klaus; Hattendorf, Jan; Ali, Seid M.; Obrist, Brigit; Utzinger, Jürg; Zinsstag, Jakob 2019 The impact of pastoralist mobility on tuberculosis control in Ethiopia : a systematic review and meta-synthesis Infectious Diseases of Poverty
4482025  Gut, W.; Crump, L.; Zinsstag, J.; Hattendorf, J.; Hediger, K. 2018 The effect of human interaction on guinea pig behavior in animal-assisted therapy Journal of veterinary behavior : clinical applications and research
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 153)

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