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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4612324  Gross-Schmölders, Miriam; von Sengbusch, Pascal; Krüger, Jan Paul; Klein, Kristy; Birkholz, Axel; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine 2020 Switch of fungal to bacterial degradation in natura drained and rewetted oligotrophic peatlands reflected in delta N-15 and fatty acid composition SOIL
4660235  Groß-Schmölders, Miriam; Klein, Jennifer Kristin; Emsens, Willem-Jan; van Diggelen, Rudy; Aggenbach, Camiel J. S.; Liczner, Yvonne; Frouz, Jan; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine 2022 Stable isotopes (d(13)C, d(15)N) and biomarkers as indicators of the hydrological regime of fens in a European east-west transect Science of the Total Environment
694006  Alewell, C.; Giesler, R.; Klaminder, J.; Leifeld, J.; Rollog, M. 2011 Stable carbon isotopes as indicators for environmental change in palsa peats Biogeosciences
4638891  Wang, Yuqiao; Paul, Sonja M.; Jocher, Markus; Espic, Christophe; Alewell, Christine; Szidat, Sönke; Leifeld, Jens 2021 Soil carbon loss from drained agricultural peatland after coverage with mineral soil The Science of the total environment
4638662  Gross-Schmölders, Miriam; Klein, Kristy; Birkholz, Axel; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine 2021 Rewetting and Drainage of Nutrient-Poor Peatlands Indicated by Specific Bacterial Membrane Fatty Acids and a Repeated Sampling of Stable Isotopes (δ15N, δ13C) Frontiers in Environmental Science
4660245  Wang, Yuqiao; Paul, Sonja M.; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2022 Reduced nitrogen losses from drained temperate agricultural peatland after mineral soil coverage Biology and Fertility of Soils
4660233  Wang, Yuqiao; Paul, Sonja M.; Jocher, Markus; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2022 Reduced Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Drained Temperate Agricultural Peatland After Coverage With Mineral Soil Frontiers in Environmental Science
4220979  Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine; Bader, Cédric; Krüger, Jan Paul; Mueller, Carsten W.; Sommer, Michael; Steffens, Markus; Szidat, Sönke 2017 Pyrogenic Carbon Contributes Substantially to Carbon Storage in Intact and Degraded Northern Peatlands Land Degradation and Development (LDD)
3703944  Krüger, Jan Paul; Conen, Franz; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine 2016 Palsa Uplift Identified by Stable Isotope Depth Profiles and Relation of δ15N to C/N Ratio Permafrost and Periglacial Processes
4660241  Serk, Henrik; Nilsson, Mats B.; Figueira, Joao; Krüger, Jan Paul; Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine; Schleucher, Juergen 2022 Organochemical Characterization of Peat Reveals Decomposition of Specific Hemicellulose Structures as the Main Cause of Organic Matter Loss in the Acrotelm Environmental Science and Technology
4612331  Klein, Kristy; Gross-Schmölders, Miriam; De la Rosa, José María; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2020 Investigating the influence of instrumental parameters and chemical composition on pyrolysis efficiency of peat Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis
4638660  Klein, Kristy; Schellekens, Judith; Gross-Schmölders, Miriam; von Sengbusch, Pascal; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2021 Characterizing ecosystem-driven chemical composition differences in natural and drained Finnish bogs using Pyrolysis-GC/MS Organic geochemistry
4638661  Klein, Kristy; Gross-Schmölders, Miriam; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2021 Chapter Three - Heating up a cold case: Applications of analytical pyrolysis GC/MS to assess molecular biomarkers in peat Advances in agronomy
4620316  Paul, Sonja; Ammann, Christof; Alewell, Christine; Leifeld, Jens 2021 Carbon budget response of an agriculturally used fen to different soil moisture conditions Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
4621655  Leifeld, Jens; Alewell, Christine; Paul, Sonja M. 2021 Accumulation of C4-carbon from Miscanthus in organic-matter-rich soils Global Change Biology Bioenergy
694003  Conen, F.; Yakutin, M.V.; Puchnin, A.N.; Leifeld, J.; Alewell, C.; 2011 ∂15N natural abundance in permafrost soil indicates impact of fire on nitrogen cycle Rapid communications in mass spectrometry

Publication: Thesis (Dissertationen, Habilitationen)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4645391  Wang, Yuqiao 2022 Ecosystem carbon and nitrogen losses from temperate agricultural peatland with mineral soil coverage. University of Basel
4631494  Klein, Kristy 2021 A molecular approach to the assessment of peat organic matter – investigating ecosystem-driven differences in chemical composition University of Basel
Showing records 1 - 18 (of 18)

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