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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1529937  Hann, Dagmar; Boller, Thomas 2012 Microbial effectors and their role in plant defense suppression Wiley-Blackwell
1529928  Chinchilla, Delphine; Boller, Thomas 2012 Innate immunity : pattern recognition in plants Wiley-Blackwell
1529915  Boller, Thomas 2012 Experimental evidence of a role for RLKs in innate immunity Springer
1529919  Boller, Thomas; Flury, Pascale 2012 Peptides as danger signals : MAMPs and DAMPs Springer

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
2683632  Krajinski, Franziska; Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel; Sieh, Daniela; Franken, Philipp; Zhang, Haoqiang; Bucher, Marcel; Gerlach, Nina; Kryvoruchko, Igor; Zoeller, Daniela; Udvardi, Michael; Hause, Bettina 2014 The H+-ATPase HA1 of Medicago truncatula Is Essential for Phosphate Transport and Plant Growth during Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis The plant cell
1528755  Sun, Wenxian; Cao, Yangrong; Jansen Labby, Kristin; Bittel, Pascal; Boller, Thomas; Bent, Andrew F 2012 Probing the Arabidopsis flagellin receptor : FLS2-FLS2 association and the contributions of specific domains to signaling function The plant cell
1528754  Singh, Prashant; Kuo, Yi-Chun; Mishra, Swati; Tsai, Chia-Hong; Chien, Chih-Cheng; Chen, Ching-Wei; Desclos-Theveniau, Marie; Chu, Po-Wei; Schulze, Birgit; Chinchilla, Delphine; Boller, Thomas; Zimmerli, Laurent 2012 The Lectin Receptor Kinase-VI.2 is required for priming and positively regulates Arabidopsis pattern-triggered immunity The plant cell
1528746  Mueller, Katharina; Bittel, Pascal; Chinchilla, Delphine; Jehle, Anna K.; Albert, Markus; Boller, Thomas; Felix, Georg 2012 Chimeric FLS2 receptors eveal the basis for differential flagellin perception in Arabidopsis and tomato The plant cell
1528747  Mueller, Katharina; Chinchilla, Delphine; Albert, Markus; Jehle, Anna K; Kalbacher, Hubert; Boller, Thomas; Felix, Georg 2012 Contamination risks in work with synthetic peptides: flg22 as an example of a pirate in commercial peptide Preparations The plant cell
1939134  Koegel, Sally; Ait Lahmidi, Nassima; Arnould, Christine; Chatagnier, Odile; Walder, Florian; Ineichen, Kurt; Boller, Thomas; Wipf, Daniel; Wiemken, Andres; Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel 2013 The family of ammonium transporters (AMT) in Sorghum bicolor : two AMT members are induced locally, but not systemically in roots colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi The new phytologist
3178875  Walder, Florian; Brulé, Daphnée; Koegel, Sally; Wiemken, Andres; Boller, Thomas; Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel 2015 Plant phosphorus acquisition in a common mycorrhizal network : regulation of phosphate transporter genes of the Pht1 family in sorghum and flax The new phytologist
3178874  Wyrsch, Ines; Domínguez-Ferreras, Ana; Geldner, Niko; Boller, Thomas 2015 Tissue-specific FLAGELLIN-SENSING 2 (FLS2) expression in roots restores immune responses in Arabidopsis fls2 mutants The new phytologist
4488868  Cai, Jie; Zhang, Lan-Yue; Liu, Wei; Tian, Ye; Xiong, Jin-Song; Wang, Yi-Han; Li, Ru-Jie; Li, Hao-Ming; Wen, Jiangqi; Mysore, Kirankumar S.; Boller, Thomas; Xie, Zhi-Ping; Staehelin, Christian 2018 Role of the Nod Factor Hydrolase MtNFH1 in Regulating Nod Factor Levels during Rhizobial Infection and in Mature Nodules of Medicago truncatula The Plant cell
2722665  Boboye, B.; Nyakatura, G.; Rosenthal, A.; Perret, X.; Broughton, W. J.; Boller, Th. 2009 Sequence analysis of a DNA fragment from Sinorhizobium fredii USDA257 which extends the nitrogen fixation host range of Rhizobium species NGR234 to soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr cultivar Peking Symbiosis
4638442  Vonzun, Seraina; Messmer, Monika M.; Boller, Thomas; Shrivas, Yogendra; Patil, Shreekant S.; Riar, Amritbir 2019 Extent of Bollworm and Sucking Pest Damage on Modern and Traditional Cotton Species and Potential for Breeding in Organic Cotton Sustainability
2270313  Walder, Florian; Niemann, Helge; Lehmann, Moritz F.; Boller, Thomas; Wiemken, Andres; Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel 2013 Tracking the carbon source of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing C-3 and C-4 plants using carbon isotope ratios (delta C-13) Soil biology & biochemistry
102959  Boller, Thomas; He, Sheng Yang 2009 Innate immunity in plants : an arms race between pattern recognition receptors in plants and effectors in microbial pathogens Science
4638427  Hander, Tim; Fernandez-Fernandez, Alvaro D.; Kumpf, Robert P.; Willems, Patrick; Schatowitz, Hendrik; Rombaut, Debbie; Staes, An; Nolf, Jonah; Pottie, Robin; Yao, Panfeng; Goncalves, Amanda; Pavie, Benjamin; Boller, Thomas; Gevaert, Kris; Van Breusegem, Frank; Bartels, Sebastian; Stael, Simon 2019 Damage on plants activates Ca2+-dependent metacaspases for release of immunomodulatory peptides Science
4647162  Al-Yahya'ei, Mohamed N.; Blaszkowski, Janusz; Al-Hashmi, Hamood; Al-Farsi, Khaled; Al-Rashdi, Ismail; Patzelt, Annette; Boller, Thomas; Wiemken, Andres; Symanczik, Sarah 2022 From isolation to application: a case study of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of the Arabian Peninsula SYMBIOSIS
4602082  Symanczik, Sarah; Kruetzmann, Jennifer; Nehls, Uwe; Boller, Thomas; Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel 2020 Expression of major intrinsic protein genes in Sorghum bicolor roots under water deficit depends on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 90)

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