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Awards, honours and prizes 2016-04-01 Spiro Kostof Book Award by the Society of Architectural Historians, for The Social Project: Housing Postwar France  3727797
Awards, honours and prizes 2015-05-01 Abbott Lowell Cummings Prize by the Vernacular Architecture Forum, for The Social Project: Housing Postwar France  3727798
Awards, honours and prizes 2016-07-01 International Planning History Society Book Prize, for The Social Project: Housing Postwar France  3727799
Memberships 2014-08-01 Cupers, Kenny R.  Society of Architectural Historians 3727800
Memberships 2015-01-01 Cupers, Kenny R.  European Architectural History Network 3727801
Services: Organisation of scientific meetings 2015-12-17 Territoriality  3727802
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-11-17 Projective Geographies  History of Urban Design Colloquium 3727803
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-05-10 The Architecture of German Colonization in Namibia and Poland, 1886–1919  Research Group “Global Processes,” Chair Prof. Jürgen Osterhammel, Konstanz University 3727977
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-05-09 Le Corbusier and the Banlieues  "Grand Gestures" lecture series, eikones 3727978
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-04-26 Project Growth: Territory, Geopolitics, Architecture  "Degrowth" Lecture Series, Prof. Angélil, ETH Zürich, Architecture Department 3727980
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-03-10 Human Territoriality and the Downfall of Public Housing  The Architecture of Deregulations: Postmodernism, Politics, and the Built Environment in Europe 1975–1995 conference, KTH Stockholm 3727981
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-02-24 Modernism, Environment, Epistemology  Harvard University, GSD Ph.D. Lecture Series 3727983
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-12-10 Housing Postwar France  Tower, Slab, Superblock. Housing Conference, Architectural League of New York 3727984
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-12-01 Heimatstil Architecture between Namibia and Eastern Prussia  Picturesque Modernities: Architectural Regionalism as a Global Process, German Center for Art History, Paris 3727985
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-04-05 Planetary Ruralization  Center for Excellence in Arts and Humanities International Symposium “What Is the Urban,” Iowa State University 3727987
Invited presentations at conferences 2016-02-27 Indigeneity as Architectural Invention  Race and Modern Architecture Workshop, Columbia University 3727988
Invited presentations at conferences 2015-12-02 La géographie volontaire de Paris  Inventer le Grand Paris: Cross-perspectives on Metropolitan Areas from the 1940s to the Late 1960s, Petit Palais, Paris 3727989
Awards, honours and prizes 2016-06-01 Honorable Mention, Wylie Prize in French Studies  3727993
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-11-06 “The Earth That Modernism Built”  Seminar Professur Wissenschaftsforschung (Michael Hagner), ETH Zürich 4114681
Invited presentations at conferences 2017-09-11 “The Rise and Fall of Mass Housing”  Lecture Series at VI PER Gallery, Prague 4114686
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 32)

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