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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4665577  Obas, K. A.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Bytyci-Katanolli, A.; Statovci, S.; Jerliu, N.; Ramadani, Q.; Fota, N.; Gerold, J.; Zahorka, M.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2023 Prospective association between depressive symptoms and blood-pressure related outcomes in Kosovo PLOS Glob Public Health
4665552  Hetzel, M. W.; Okitawutshu, J.; Tshefu, A.; Omoluabi, E.; Awor, P.; Signorell, A.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Lambiris, M. J.; Visser, T.; Cohen, J. M.; Buj, V.; Burri, C.; Lengeler, C. 2023 Pre-referral rectal artesunate is no "magic bullet" in weak health systems BMC Med
4651495  Bytyci-Katanolli, A.; Merten, S.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Obas, K.; Gerold, J.; Zahorka, M.; Jerliu, N.; Ramadani, Q.; Fota, N.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2022 Non-communicable disease prevention in Kosovo: quantitative and qualitative assessment of uptake and barriers of an intervention for healthier lifestyles in primary healthcare BMC Health Serv Res
4651615  Hetzel, M. W.; Okitawutshu, J.; Tshefu, A.; Omoluabi, E.; Awor, P.; Signorell, A.; Brunner, N. C.; Kalenga, J. C.; Akano, B. K.; Ayodeji, K.; Okon, C.; Yusuf, O.; Athieno, P.; Kimera, J.; Tumukunde, G.; Angiro, I.; Delvento, G.; Lee, T. T.; Lambiris, M. J.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Cereghetti, N.; Visser, T.; Napier, H. G.; Cohen, J. M.; Buj, V.; Burri, C.; Lengeler, C. 2022 Effectiveness of rectal artesunate as pre-referral treatment for severe malaria in children under 5 years of age: a multi-country observational study BMC Med
4651486  Boz, S.; Berlin, C.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Bochud, M.; Bulliard, J. L.; Zwahlen, M.; Röösli, M.; Vienneau, D. 2022 A prospective cohort analysis of residential radon and UV exposures and malignant melanoma mortality in the Swiss population Environment international
4659978  Bühler, J. L.; Shrikhande, S.; Kapwata, T.; Cissé, G.; Liang, Y.; Pedder, H.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Kunene, Z.; Mathee, A.; Peer, N.; Wright, C. Y. 2022 The association between apparent temperature and hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease in limpopo province, South Africa Int J Environ Res Public Health
4651778  Obas, K. A.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Schaffner, E.; Lang, U. E.; Stolz, D.; Eze, I. C.; Imboden, M.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2022 Depression and cardiovascular disease are not linked by high blood pressure: findings from the SAPALDIA cohort Sci Rep
4651523  Darkhawaja, R. A. M.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Vermes, T.; Allabadi, H.; Merten, S.; Alkaiyat, A.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2022 Exploring the role of social capital, self-efficacy and social contagion in shaping lifestyle and mental health among students representing the future healthcare workforce in Palestine: social cohort study protocol BMJ Open
4651834  Schmitz, T.; Beynon, F.; Musard, C.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Landi, M.; Ishaya, D.; Zira, J.; Muazu, M.; Renner, C.; Emmanuel, E.; Bulus, S. G.; Rossi, R. 2022 Effectiveness of an electronic clinical decision support system in improving the management of childhood illness in primary care in rural Nigeria: an observational study BMJ Open
4651777  Obas, K. A.; Bytyci-Katanolli, A.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Ramadani, Q.; Fota, N.; Jerliu, N.; Statovci, S.; Gerold, J.; Zahorka, M.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2022 Strengthening primary healthcare in Kosovo requires tailoring primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions and consideration of mental health Front Public Health
4651684  Lengeler, C.; Burri, C.; Awor, P.; Athieno, P.; Kimera, J.; Tumukunde, G.; Angiro, I.; Tshefu, A.; Okitawutshu, J.; Kalenga, J. -C.; Omoluabi, E.; Akano, B.; Ayodeji, K.; Okon, C.; Yusuf, O.; Brunner, N. C.; Delvento, G.; Lee, T.; Lambiris, M.; Visser, T.; Napier, H. G.; Cohen, J. M.; Buj, V.; Signorell, A.; Hetzel, Manuel W.; Caramal Consortium, 2022 Community access to rectal artesunate for malaria (CARAMAL): a large-scale observational implementation study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and Uganda PLOS Glob Public Health
4646550  Allabadi, H.; Alkaiyat, A.; Zahdeh, T.; Assadi, A.; Ghanayim, A.; Hasan, S.; Abu Al Haj, D.; Allabadi, L.; Haj-Yahia, S.; Schindler, C.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Zemp, E.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2021 Posttraumatic stress disorder predicts poor health-related quality of life in cardiac patients in Palestine PLoS One
4646197  Olarewaju, V. O.; Jafflin, K.; Deml, M. J.; Zimmermann, C.; Sonderegger, J.; Preda, T.; Staub, H.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Kloetzer, A.; Huber, B. M.; Merten, S.; Tarr, P. E. 2021 Application of the Parent Attitudes about Childhood Vaccines (PACV) survey in three national languages in Switzerland: exploratory factor analysis and mokken scale analysis Hum Vaccin Immunother
4652555  Obas, K. A.; Gerold, J.; Bytyci-Katanolli, A.; Jerliu, N.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Ramadani, Q.; Statovci, S.; Zahorka, M.; Probst-Hensch, N. 2020 Study protocol: a prospective cohort on non-communicable diseases among primary healthcare users living in Kosovo (KOSCO) BMJ Open
4513768  Allabadi, Hala; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Alkaiyat, Abdulsalam; Haj-Yahia, Saleem; Schindler, Christian; Kwiatkowski, Marek; Zemp, Elisabeth 2019 Mediators of gender effects on depression among cardiovascular disease patients in Palestine BMC psychiatry
Showing records 1 - 15 (of 15)

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