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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4627086  Martani, Andrea; Hummel, Patrik 2021 Eine neue Generation des Datenschutzes? Gegenwärtige Unvollständigkeit, mögliche Lösungswege und nächste Schritte Springer

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4700163  Martani, Andrea; Ulyte, Agne; Puhan, Milo A.; Heusser, Rolf 2023 Der Aufbau einer neuen Generation von Führungskräften für das Schweizer Gesundheitswesen Primary and Hospital Care
4683096  Martani, Andrea; Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Wangmo, Tenzin; Maurer, Julia; Crameri, Katrin; Erard, Frédéric; Spoendlin, Julia; Pauli-Magnus, Christiane; Pittet, Valerie; Sengstag, Thierry; Soldini, Emiliano; Hirschel, Bernard; Borisch, Bettina; Kruschel Weber, Cornelia; Zwahlen, Marcel; Elger, Bernice Simone 2023 Sensing the (digital) pulse. Future steps for improving the secondary use of data for research in Switzerland. Digital health
4698145  De Clercq, Eva; Martani, Andrea; Vulliemoz, Nicolas; Elger, Bernice S; Wangmo, Tenzin 2023 Rethinking advanced motherhood: a new ethical narrative. Medicine, health care, and philosophy
4643375  Deml, Michael J.; Jungo, Katharina Tabea; Maessen, Maud; Martani, Andrea; Ulyte, Agne 2022 Megatrends in Healthcare: Review for the Swiss National Science Foundation's National Research Programme 74 (NRP74) "Smarter Health Care" Public Health Reviews
4644325  Martani, Andrea 2022 Stockpiling Basic Medical Equipment for Public Health Emergencies and “The-Right-Thing-To-Do.” Charting the Ethical Territory International Journal of Public Health
4650244  Martani, Andrea; Egli, Sophia Mira; Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Elger, Bernice Simone; Wangmo, Tenzin 2022 A role-model for data policies? Qualitative study on the governance of health data in Denmark Health Policy and Technology
4644241  Poppe, Christopher; Martani, Andrea; Schweikert, Kathi; Wangmo, Tenzin 2022 Fair access to assistive technology? Gaps in transition from invalidity to old-age insurance in Switzerland Swiss medical weekly
4652213  Martani, Andrea; De Clercq, Eva; De Geyter, Christian; Pennings, Guido; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice Simone 2022 Deconstructing age(s): an analysis of the different conceptions of age as a legal criterion for access to assisted reproductive technologies Journal of Law and the Biosciences
4627362  Martani, Andrea; Erard, Frédéric; Casonato, Carlo; Elger, Bernice Simone 2022 The devil is in the details: an analysis of patient rights in Swiss cancer registries Journal of Medical Ethics
4650876  Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Martani, Andrea; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice Simone 2022 Precision Public Health and Structural Racism in the United States: Promoting Health Equity in the COVID-19 Pandemic Response. JMIR public health and surveillance
4624716  Martani, Andrea 2021 Comment on: Research projects in human genetics in Switzerland: analysis of research protocols submitted to cantonal ethics committees in 2018 Swiss Medical Weekly
4619281  Martani, Andrea; Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Elger, Bernice; Wangmo, Tenzin 2021 'It's not something you can take in your hands'. Swiss experts' perspectives on health data ownership: an interview-based study BMJ Open
4611011  Martani, Andrea; Tomasi, Marta; Casonato, Carlo 2021 RE: "I Think It's Been Met with a Shrug:" Oncologists' Views toward and Experiences with Right-to-Try Journal of the National Cancer Institute
4624718  Martani, Andrea; Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Egli, Sophia Mira; Erard, Frédéric; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice Simone 2021 Evolution or Revolution? Recommendations to Improve the Swiss Health Data Framework Frontiers in Public Health
4627451  Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Martani, Andrea; Perneger, Thomas; Wangmo, Tenzin; Elger, Bernice Simone 2021 Systemic Fairness for Sharing Health Data: Perspectives From Swiss Stakeholders Frontiers in Public Health
4627457  Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Martani, Andrea; Elger, Bernice Simone; Wangmo, Tenzin 2021 Individual notions of fair data sharing from the perspectives of Swiss stakeholders. BMC health services research
4604938  Martani, Andrea; Brunner, Antonina; Wangmo, Tenzin 2020 Intergenerational familial care: Shaping future care policies for older adults Nursing Ethics
4525314  Martani, Andrea; Geneviève, Lester Darryl; Poppe, Christopher; Casonato, Carlo; Wangmo, Tenzin 2020 Digital pills: a scoping review of the empirical literature and analysis of the ethical aspects BMC medical ethics
4604942  Martani, Andrea; Egli, Philipp; Widmer, Michael; Elger, Bernice Simone 2020 Data protection and biomedical research in Switzerland: setting the record straight Swiss Medical Weekly
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 29)

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