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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4638427  Hander, Tim; Fernandez-Fernandez, Alvaro D.; Kumpf, Robert P.; Willems, Patrick; Schatowitz, Hendrik; Rombaut, Debbie; Staes, An; Nolf, Jonah; Pottie, Robin; Yao, Panfeng; Goncalves, Amanda; Pavie, Benjamin; Boller, Thomas; Gevaert, Kris; Van Breusegem, Frank; Bartels, Sebastian; Stael, Simon 2019 Damage on plants activates Ca2+-dependent metacaspases for release of immunomodulatory peptides Science
3178869  Klauser, Dominik; Desurmont, Gaylord A.; Glauser, Gaetan; Vallat, Armelle; Flury, Pascale; Boller, Thomas; Turlings, Ted C. J.; Bartels, Sebastian 2015 The Arabidopsis Pep-PEPR system is induced by herbivore feeding and contributes to JA-mediated plant defence against herbivory Journal of experimental botany
2845172  Gully, Kay; Hander, Tim; Boller, Thomas; Bartels, Sebastian 2015 Perception of Arabidopsis AtPep peptides, but not bacterial elicitors, accelerates starvation-induced senescence Frontiers in plant science
3178870  Lori, Martina; van Verk, Marcel C; Hander, Tim; Schatowitz, Hendrik; Klauser, Dominik; Flury, Pascale; Gehring, Christoph A; Boller, Thomas; Bartels, Sebastian 2015 Evolutionary divergence of the plant elicitor peptides (Peps) and their receptors : interfamily incompatibility of perception but compatibility of downstream signalling Journal of experimental botany
2117555  Klauser, Dominik; Flury, Pascale; Boller, Thomas; Bartels, Sebastian 2013 Several MAMPs, including chitin fragments, enhance AtPep-triggered oxidative burst independently of wounding Plant signaling & behavior
2283665  Bartels, Sebastian; Lori, Martina; Mbengue, Malick; van Verk, Marcel; Klauser, Dominik; Hander, Tim; Böni, Rainer; Robatzek, Silke; Boller, Thomas 2013 The family of Peps and their precursors in Arabidopsis : differential expression and localization but similar induction of pattern-triggered immune responses Journal of experimental botany
1939135  Flury, Pascale; Klauser, Dominik; Schulze, Birgit; Boller, Thomas; Bartels, Sebastian 2013 The anticipation of danger: microbe-associated molecular pattern perception enhances AtPep-triggered oxidative burst Plant physiology
1541194  Müller, Kerstin; Levesque-Tremblay, Gabriel; Bartels, Sebastian; Weitbrecht, Karin; Wormit, Alexandra; Usadel, Bjoern; Haughn, George; Kermode, Allison R 2013 Demethylesterification of Cell Wall Pectins in Arabidopsis Plays a Role in Seed Germination Plant physiology
2183153  Müller, Kerstin; Levesque-Tremblay, Gabriel; Fernandes, Anwesha; Wormit, Alexandra; Bartels, Sebastian; Usadel, Bjoern; Kermode, Allison 2013 Overexpression of a pectin methylesterase inhibitor in Arabidopsis thaliana leads to altered growth morphology of the stem and defective organ separation Plant signaling & behavior
1006534  Anderson, J. C.; Bartels, Sebastian; Besteiro, M. A. G.; Shahollari, B.; Ulm, R.; Peck, S. C. 2011 Arabidopsis MAP Kinase Phosphatase 1 (AtMKP1) negatively regulates MPK6-mediated PAMP responses and resistance against bacteria Plant Journal
1006536  Besteiro, M. A. G.; Bartels, Sebastian; Albert, A.; Ulm, R. 2011 Arabidopsis MAP kinase phosphatase 1 and its target MAP kinases 3 and 6 antagonistically determine UV-B stress tolerance, independent of the UVR8 photoreceptor pathway Plant Journal
487855  Stracke, Ralf; Favory, Jean-Jacques; Gruber, Henriette; Bartelniewoehner, Lutz; Bartels, Sebastian; Binkert, Melanie; Funk, Markus; Weisshaar, Bernd; Ulm, Roman 2010 The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the; PFG1/MYB12; gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation Plant, cell & environment
487854  Bartels, Sebastian; González Besteiro, Marina A; Lang, Daniel; Ulm, Roman 2010 Emerging functions for plant MAP kinase phosphatases Trends in plant science
489177  Bartels, Sebastian; Anderson, Jeffrey C.; González Besteiro, Marina A.; Carreri, Alessandro; Hirt, Heribert; Buchala, Antony; Métraux, Jean-Pierre; Peck, Scott C.; Ulm, Roman 2009 MAP kinase phosphatase1 and protein tyrosine phosphatase1 are repressors of salicylic acid synthesis and SNC1-mediated responses in Arabidopsis Plant Cell

JournalItem (Kommentare, Editorials, Rezensionen, Urteilsanmerk., etc. in einer wissensch. Zeitschr.

ID Author Year Title Publisher
3178871  Bartels, Sebastian; Boller, Thomas 2015 Quo vadis, Pep? Plant elicitor peptides at the crossroads of immunity, stress and development Journal of experimental botany
Showing records 1 - 15 (of 15)

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