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Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4493938  Wada, Takeo; Wallerich, Sandrine; Becskei, Attila 2019 Synthetic transcription factors switch from local to long-range control during cell differentiation ACS Synthetic Biology
4500744  Baudrimont, Antoine; Jaquet, Vincent; Wallerich, Sandrine; Voegeli, Sylvia; Becskei, Attila 2019 Contribution of RNA Degradation to Intrinsic and Extrinsic Noise in Gene Expression Cell reports
4500742  Wada, Takeo; Wallerich, Sandrine; Becskei, Attila 2018 Stochastic Gene Choice during Cellular Differentiation Cell reports
3777324  Maleki, Farzaneh; Becskei, Attila 2017 An open-loop approach to calculate noise-induced transitions. Journal of theoretical biology
3777314  Jaquet, Vincent; Hsu, Chieh; Becskei, Attila 2017 Measurement of bistability in a multidimensional parameter space. Integrative biology (Cambridge)
3772006  Gencoglu, Mumun; Schmidt, Alexander; Becskei, Attila 2017 Measurement of in vivo protein binding affinities in a signaling network with mass spectrometry ACS Synthetic Biology
3871698  Baudrimont, Antoine; Voegeli, Sylvia; Viloria, Eduardo Calero; Stritt, Fabian; Lenon, Marine; Wada, Takeo; Jaquet, Vincent; Becskei, Attila 2017 Multiplexed gene control reveals rapid mRNA turnover Science Advances
4235569  Wada, Takeo; Becskei, Attila 2017 Impact of Methods on the Measurement of mRNA Turnover International Journal of Molecular Sciences
3695382  Hsu, Chieh; Jaquet, Vincent; Maleki, Farzaneh; Becskei, Attila 2016 Contribution of Bistability and Noise to Cell Fate Transitions Determined by Feedback Opening. Journal of molecular biology
3566524  Hsu, Chieh; Jaquet, Vincent; Gencoglu, Mumun; Becskei, Attila 2016 Protein Dimerization Generates Bistability in Positive Feedback Loops Cell Reports
3322224  Májer, Imre; Hajihosseini, Amirhossein; Becskei, Attila 2015 Identification of optimal parameter combinations for the emergence of bistability Physical biology
2740310  Bonde, Marie Mi; Voegeli, Sylvia; Baudrimont, Antoine; Séraphin, Bertrand; Becskei, Attila 2014 Quantification of pre-mRNA escape rate and synergy in splicing Nucleic acids research
1749619  Stölting, Meline Nogueira Lucena; Ferrari, Stefano; Handschin, Christoph; Becskei, Attila; Provenzano, Maurizio; Sulser, Tullio; Eberli, Daniel 2013 Myoblasts inhibit prostate cancer growth by paracrine secretion of tumor necrosis factor-α Journal of Urology
1152160  Hsu, Chieh; Scherrer, Simone; Buetti-Dinh, Antoine; Ratna, Prasuna; Pizzolato, Julia; Jaquet, Vincent; Becskei, Attila 2012 Stochastic signalling rewires the interaction map of a multiple feedback network during yeast evolution Nature communications
961794  Ratna, Prasuna; Becskei, Attila 2011 Construction of cis-regulatory input functions of yeast promoters Methods in Molecular Biology
961793  Becskei, Attila; Scherrer, Simone; Kelemen, Janos Z.; Murray, Ann Ehrenhofer 2011 Modeling of chromosomal epigenetic silencing processes Transcription
961796  Kelemen, János Z.; Ratna, Prasuna; Scherrer, Simone; Becskei, Attila 2010 Spatial epigenetic control of mono- and bistable gene expression PLoS Biology
961799  Becskei, Attila 2009 Linearization through distortion: a new facet of negative feedback in signalling Molecular Systems Biology
961798  Buetti-Dinh, Antoine; Ungricht, Rosemarie; Kelemen, János Z.; Shetty, Chetak; Ratna, Prasuna; Becskei, Attila 2009 Control and signal processing by transcriptional interference Molecular Systems Biology
961800  Ratna, Prasuna; Scherrer, Simone; Fleischli, Christoph; Becskei, Attila 2009 Synergy of repression and silencing gradients along the chromosome Journal of Molecular Biology
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