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Publication: Book Item (Buchkap., Lexikonartikel, jur. Kommentierung, Beiträge in Sammelbänden etc.)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
1014782  de Savigny, Don; Mäusezahl, Daniel; Lo, Wilson 2011 Bridging health systems strengthening and innovations for disease control World Health Organization

Publication: JournalArticle (Originalarbeit in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift)

ID Author Year Title Publisher
4694327  Fischer, F. B.; Saucy, A.; Vienneau, D.; Hattendorf, J.; Fanderl, J.; de Hoogh, K.; Mausezahl, D. 2023 Impacts of weather and air pollution on Legionnaires' disease in Switzerland: a national case-crossover study Environmental research
4662253  Larson, A. J.; Haver, S.; Hattendorf, J.; Salmon-Mulanovich, G.; Riveros, M.; Verastegui, H.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hartinger, S. M. 2023 Household-level risk factors for water contamination and antimicrobial resistance in drinking water among households with children under 5 in rural San Marcos, Cajamarca, Peru One Health
4683464  Jäggi, L.; Aguilar, L.; Alvarado Llatance, M.; Castellanos, A.; Fink, G.; Hinckley, K.; Huaylinos Bustamante, M. L.; McCoy, D. C.; Verastegui, H.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hartinger Pena, S. M. 2023 Digital tools to improve parenting behaviour in low-income settings: a mixed-methods feasibility study Archives of disease in childhood
4662259  Nuño, N.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hartinger, S. M.; Riley-Powell, A. R.; Verastegui, H.; Wolf, J.; Muela, J.; Paz-Soldán, V. A. 2023 Acceptance and uptake of improved biomass cookstoves in Peru: learning from system level approaches to transform large-scale cooking interventions Energy Res Soc Sci
4700026  Fischer, F. B.; Bigler, M.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hattendorf, J.; Egli, A.; Julian, T. R.; Rölli, F.; Gaia, V.; Wymann, M.; Fridez, F.; Bertschi, S. 2023 Legionnaires' disease in Switzerland: rationale and study protocol of a prospective national case-control and molecular source attribution study (SwissLEGIO) Infection
4651574  Fischer, F. B.; Mäusezahl, D.; Wymann, M. N. 2023 Temporal trends in legionellosis national notification data and the effect of COVID-19, Switzerland, 2000-2020 Int J Hyg Environ Health
4651653  Karim, A.; de Savigny, D.; Ngaima, J. S.; Mäusezahl, D.; Cobos Muñoz, D.; Tshefu, A. 2022 Assessing determinants of programmatic performance of community management of malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea in children in Africa: protocol and data collection for a mixed methods evaluation of integrated community case management JMIR Res Protoc
4651573  Fischer, F. B.; Deml, M. J.; Mäusezahl, D. 2022 Legionnaires' disease - a qualitative study on Swiss physicians' approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia Swiss Med Wkly
4651725  Medina-Pizzali, M. L.; Venkatesh, A.; Riveros, M.; Cuicapuza, D.; Salmon-Mulanovich, G.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hartinger, S. M. 2022 Whole-genome characterisation of ESBL-producing E. coli isolated from drinking water and dog faeces from rural Andean households in Peru Antibiotics (Basel)
4651652  Karim, A.; de Savigny, D.; Awor, P.; Cobos Muñoz, D.; Mäusezahl, D.; Kitoto Tshefu, A.; Ngaima, J. S.; Enebeli, U.; Isiguzo, C.; Nsona, H.; Ogbonnaya, I.; Ngoy, P.; Alegbeleye, A. 2022 The building blocks of community health systems: a systems framework for the design, implementation and evaluation of iCCM programs and community-based interventions BMJ Glob Health
4651827  Sanchez-Samaniego, G.; Mäusezahl, D.; Carcamo, C.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Verastegui, H.; Hartinger, S. M. 2022 Metabolic syndrome in rural Peruvian adults living at high altitudes using different cookstoves PLoS One
4651771  Nuño, N.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hattendorf, J.; Verastegui, H.; Ortiz, M.; Hartinger, S. M. 2022 Effectiveness of a home-environmental intervention package and an early child development intervention on child health and development in high-altitude rural communities in the Peruvian Andes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial Infect Dis Poverty
4646376  Hartinger, S. M.; Medina-Pizzali, M. L.; Salmon-Mulanovich, G.; Larson, A. J.; Pinedo-Bardales, M.; Verastegui, H.; Riberos, M.; Mäusezahl, D. 2021 Antimicrobial resistance in humans, animals, water and household environs in rural Andean Peru: exploring dissemination pathways through the One Health lens Int J Environ Res Public Health
4646205  Nuño Martínez, N.; Wallenborn, J.; Mäusezahl, D.; Hartinger, S. M.; Muela Ribera, J. 2021 Socio-cultural factors for breastfeeding cessation and their relationship with child diarrhoea in the rural high-altitude Peruvian Andes - a qualitative study Int J Equity Health
4646132  Sanchez-Samaniego, G.; Hartinger, S. M.; Tallman, P. S.; Mäusezahl, D. 2021 Cardiovascular disease in the Peruvian Andes: local perceptions, barriers, and paths to preventing chronic diseases in the Cajamarca region International journal of public health
4599866  Hartinger, Stella M.; Nuño, Néstor M.; Hattendorf, Jan; Verastegui, Hector; Karlen, Walter; Ortiz, Mariela; Mäusezahl, Daniel 2020 A factorial cluster-randomised controlled trial combining home-environmental and early child development interventions to improve child health and development: rationale, trial design and baseline findings BMC medical research methodology
4603045  Fischer, Fabienne Beatrice; Saucy, Apolline; Schmutz, Claudia; Mäusezahl, Daniel 2020 Do changes in STEC diagnostics mislead interpretation of disease surveillance data in Switzerland? Time trends in positivity, 2007 to 2016 Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin
4603372  Karim, Aliya; Cobos Munoz, Daniel; Mäusezahl, Daniel; de Savigny, Don 2020 A systems approach to assessing complexity in health interventions: an effectiveness decay model for integrated community case management Global health action
4599836  Nuño, Néstor M.; Mäusezahl, Daniel; Hartinger, Stella M. 2020 A cultural perspective on cooking patterns, energy transfer programmes and determinants of liquefied petroleum gas use in the Andean Peru Energy for Sustainable Development
Showing records 1 - 20 (of 68)

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